Re: What's the Story with Jello "Freezing Mix"?

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Posted ByJohn Cronce on January 27, 2004 at 18:49:35:

In Reply to: Re: What's the Story with Jello "Freezing Mix"? posted byGerry O. on January 25, 2004 at 07:15:39:

If your childhood memories do not include Jello freezing mix, you're not missing anything. Believe me, Don Wilson didn't expand to his eventual girth by chowing on this concoction.

The comparisons to ice cream are extremely generous. (Gosh, if only it had been like ice cream!) You see, the "freezing mix" had no dairy products in it, either when purchased or fully prepared. It was just what it was billed as: frozen Jello.

The best comparison would be a popsicle or what used to be called a "slushy." Now, this frozen jello wasn't served on a stick, but in a bowl just like normal Jello.

But the big problem was what it turned out like when it was frozen. It was either a solid brick that no spoon could chisel into, or it was a runny mess.

I suppose it didn't taste that bad, but it was a lot of work for such a mess, I suspect. And, by the way, the idea of a mix had a lot of marketing advantages over buying a pint of ice cream at the drug store.

You see, back then, there was a sort of stigma associated with buying things completely ready made. This was the Depression, after all. And just who do you think you are having everybody doing your work for you? Can't you save some money in the household budget by doing the work yourself? So a mix was a compromise of sorts. A housewife could have ease and convenience without the stigma of being a lazy spendthrift. Some mothers used to argue that they were cheaper. Whether or not that's true, I don't know. But believe you me, those mixes didn't taste nearly as good (they've come a long was since then).

Hope you find this interesting

: : At the end of the 5/15/38 show Don makes mention of Jello freezing mix and how one could make ice cream with it. When did they stop making this (it's not something I've ever heard of before now)? And if anyone out there has tried this... what was the resulting ice cream like?

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: I don't know what the final results were like, but it does seem like the freezing mix wasn't around very long. It's plugged for a while around 1938, but then you don't hear much about it.
: Apparently it was supposed to be an "easy" way to make homemade ice cream, because the commercials stress the fact that you don't have the long periods of exhausting hand-cranking.

: If the freezing mix WAS a commercial failure, maybe it had nothing to do with the quality of the product itself....During this time consumers were really getting into the idea of easily buying ready-made products in a store that they USED to have to make at home (bread, etc.) even if the freezing mix WAS easier than old-fashioned hand-cranking, the average consumer probably just wanted to take the easiest way out and buy their ice cream in a store, and not have to worry about making it at home at all....Just a guess on my part!

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