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Posted Byjerry4opry on January 27, 2004 at 17:21:53:

In Reply to: Re: Jack Paar posted byScott D. Vroegindewey on January 27, 2004 at 17:05:27:

: My dad said the public either loved or hated Jack Paar because he would often cry on camera. I saw him interview a tipsy Judy Garland. I don't know if Jack Benny was ever on his show. Some of the hardcore Jack Benny fans will know. As far as Johnny Carson goes, I will never, ever forget the time Ed Ames threw a knife (or a tomahawk) at the outline of a man on The Tonight Show! Priceless! :)

i've seen clips of Paar's emotional outbursts. one time he was being told a sad story and he started getting teary eyed on camera. this is legendary but Paar was in the middle of a joke which contained the word "water closet" as a punchline. NBC censored him and from the point forward his relationship with them as i've found out was strained. actually, on the very next show he walked out and made a speech of how ridiculous the censorship was and he walked off! His announcer, Hugh Downs, had to carry on with the rest of the program and all the ones that followed until Paar was lured back...his first words back on the air were: "as i was saying..." and this phrase was later used for a PBS documentary that i watched a long time ago, that's where i learned more about Paar. anyway, my grandfather LOVED Paar better than Steve Allen. i like them equally. Of course, Johnny Carson was the best because he blended Jack Benny and Jack Paar's conversational style of humor with broad sketches like Steve Allen did and to top it off, in an homage to Fred Allen, Carson called his ensemble "The Mighty Carson Art Players". everybody on here knows all of this anyhow...but it's still fun to talk about it.

One of Carson's episodes i'll never forget is when he strolled out as Willie Nelson and sung "To All The Girls I've Loved Before" with Julio Iglaseas back in '84 or when he did the funeral scene where he put to rest all the Dolly Parton jokes he'd told, highlighted by two giant breasts that were wheeled out on stage that began to sparkle and shoot off fireworks in the air. But then, by late decade he stopped doing comedy sketches...except for a once in a while routine as "Art Fern" or "Carnac".

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