My modest Inventory of Jack Benny items: What does everyone else have?

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Posted Byjerry4opry on January 27, 2004 at 06:35:48:

6 Jack Benny cassettes from Radio Spirits with 2 shows on each: 12/9/45; 12/9/45. 4/1/51; 5/16/54. 3/7/37; 3/14/37. 3/27/55; 4/3/55. 12/31/50; 1/15/50. 1/8/39; 1/22/39. Then i have "Jack Benny, Volume Four", a box set of 6 cassettes from Radio Spirits. 6 VHS videos with two episodes of his TV show on each. "Sunday Nights at Seven" book; Irving Fein's book about Jack called "An Intimate Biography". a book called "Jack Benny: The Radio and Television Work". a vinyl album called "Fight of the Century" containing material from both Jack and Fred Allen. i also have a VHS of Fred Allen's movie "It's in the Bag" featuring a hilarious cameo by Jack, although billed as a co-star in some credits i've seen though the years. i also have a VHS of "A Love Letter to Jack Benny" from 1981 that i found on eBay. lastly, a 2-set DVD collection called "Collector's Edition" with 15 episodes.

i would like to know when the following shows aired. i have four Jack Benny programs on cassette from a company called Creative Sounds. there is no year printed on either cassette. It has cartoon drawings of radio actors and at the bottom in big letters it reads "Comedy Classics": anyway, one episode deals with Jack and the Colmans at a restaurant (the same show later re-did for TV with Jimmy Stewart and his wife). Frank Nelson gets the biggest laughs during an argument in the restaurant: Jack wore tennis shoes to the fancy place and in one scene, after Jack starts yelling about the service, Nelson screams: "don't you stamp your tennis shoes at me!!"...anyone know what year that was done? another of the episodes that i don't know the year of deals with Jack and William Paley at the racetrack {Mel Blanc is the PA announcer; Frank Nelson warns Jack that he can't sit at a certain mahogany table because it was scratched and Sheldon Leonard warns that the little table Jack points toward is a card table and if it carries too much weight it's legs will fold!}; another episode deals with a skit called "The Purple Pirate" with Dennis Day as the french villain. the running gag was Ideal Dog Food...Bob Crosby is on this one so it has to be after 1952. the other episode i have features a scene where Jack gets a back-rub by Frank Nelson to the tune of "Deep in the Heart of Texas" and the oil turns out to be chicken fat...leading his date to inquire an embarrassing question inside the car near the end of the show.

so, does anyone know when those shows aired? they all sound like the mid '50s...but i don't really know.

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