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Posted Byjerry4opry on January 17, 2004 at 20:47:04:

In Reply to: Re: New OTR in L.A. (KC) posted byScott D. Vroegindewey on January 17, 2004 at 12:21:59:

: Here in Kansas City KMBZ-AM (980 on the dial) broadcasts "When Radio Was" from 10:00 PM Saturday night until 5:00 AM Sunday morning. KMOX (1120) in St. Louis, as posted, also broadcasts this show, and can be heard nearly Coast to Coast because KMOX is a "clear channel," in that no other American radio stations at night can broadcast on its frequency. There are several other stations that broadcast "When Radio Was."

: One easy solution I use when I know I cannot stay up late to listen to OTR was record them on my reel-to-reel tape recorder. (For my use only.)

: I wish stations would broacast OTR at a reasonable time, not just that to get sleep, but to expose others to the medium during its hey-day and allow seniors to relive its Golden Age.

that 10pm-5am marathon i'd assume is the whole weeks worth of programs in one package because a radio station around called WBBM used to air the whole weeks worth of shows back-to-back like that. on the "When Radio Was" web-page, there's an option for people to listen to the recent shows. i usually do such a thing if it's an episode i probably want to hear. it's commercial free too! they list all the radio stations that air the show and there are several in Ohio but i can't get those stations too good because i live in the radius of WLW and they eat up much of the space on AM radio around here. From 2am-4am Ohio time i tune into KMOX and hear "When Radio Was". They also at times air "Radio Theatre" with Bob Gibson. The founder of Radio Spirits who supplies those two shows with programs, Carl Amari, also hosts a show called "Radio Hall of Fame" and that's an hour show. A station in Chicago called WMAQ used to air those shows and that's where i discovered them...then they dropped the shows and i re-discovered "When Radio Was" one night on KMOX. right now (8:40pm) i'm listening to WVXU radio's "Big Broadcast" show and Groucho Marx is on with 'You Bet Your Life'. at 8pm it was "The Great Gildersleeve". the hosts haven't said what the 9pm show will be! maybe it'll be Jack, Burns and Allen, or Fibber McGee? their last show is always "Moon River".

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