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Posted Byjerry4opry on January 17, 2004 at 06:02:32:

In Reply to: Jack's Ratings Slump posted byGerry O. on January 15, 2004 at 07:35:34:

: :
: : : Interesting post on another bulletin board of the top 10 shows of each year:
: : :

: : : Interesting that Jack shows up in the top 10 with the first Jell-O year -- and stays.

: : it's been said that he was in the Top-10 every season from the "Jell-O Program" 1934-1942 and he never left the Top-10. The "I Can't Stand Jack Benny Because" contest i had heard was invented to boost the ratings, which weren't too terrible in hind-sight but for better or worse, everyone who's popular always worries about the slightest drop or two in a rating total or a poll. it's been said that it's easy to reach the top...but it's hard STAYING on top...but Jack did!

: -----------------------------------------

: At the time of that "I Can't Stand Jack Benny..." contest, Jack's biggest radio competition was Bob Hope. The public loved the fast, machine-gun pace of Hope's show and for a while the steady, more leisurely pace of Jack's show was considered to be "too slow" by some....and there WAS a noticeable slump in the Benny ratings.
: Of course, after the public's initial love affair with Hope's show, Jack's show eventually regained it's earlier popularity....

: It's interesting to hear recordings of Benny and Hope broadcasts today.....Jack's shows hold up MUCH better than Bob's do, and the Benny programs appear far less dated (much of that is due to Hope's heavy use of then-topical humor).

i did some research and as Ed McMahon would say "your ARE correct, sir!!". not to take anything away from Bob Hope but i'd must rather WATCH him on a TV show or in a movie instead on the radio unless he's a guest on someone's show. His own shows were too military-driven and his jokes were mostly focused on local scenery that only the GI's would know of and so that's why i said that. However, i don't mind hearing Fred Allen at all. It must be his "connection" to Jack that makes me lean toward Fred than Bob in the topical humor department.

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