"Getting Into" The Benny Show

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Posted ByGerry O. on December 07, 2002 at 11:58:38:

In Reply to: great list! posted byAlain on December 07, 2002 at 02:48:36:

: While i've been a fan of OTR for over 7 years, i was never "into" Jack Benny.....over the past few months, this has become my favorite!....is this sometimes/often the case?....Perhaps becouse of the show's "running gags" content?

Jack's show is one of those series that the more episodes you listen to, the bigger fan you become!
After a while you really get to know the characters, and they become like family (or at least old friends).
Also, in later years Jack's show was different from week to week. One week would be a "variety show on a stage" format, with Jack and the gang standing around talking...the next week it would be a "sitcom" format, with the action taking place in Jack's home, a railroad station, a doctor's office, a lunchroom, etc.
These changes of formats helped to keep the series fresh...unlike some other radio programs which followed the same tired "blueprint" every single week.
Personally, what I especially love about the Benny program is the style of writing that brings back something which was mentioned earlier in the show.
A reference will be made to something during the first five minutes, then forgotten about and not mentioned again....until 15-20 minutes later when it's dragged in again in a completely different situation (and many times by a character who had NO CONNECTION with the earlier reference). This makes for an element of surprise and catches the listener off-guard....Most of those "returning reference" gags crack me up every time!
Alain, I'm glad that you've come to know and love the Jack Benny programs the way that the rest of us have....It's always nice to welcome new fans!

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