Jack And The Stripper

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Posted ByGerry O. on November 27, 2002 at 15:55:32:

One of the funniest bits that I ever saw on a Jack Benny TV show was on one of his "New Talent Show" programs.
Jack introduced an attractive young lady who was dressed in an evening gown and long gloves. She sang an operetta song "Jeanette MacDonald-style", then after her number she told Jack how present-day singers need to add new and different things to their act to keep it interesting.
She then proceeded to sing "Body And Soul". After singing the first couple of lines as a slow ballad, she (and the orchestra) broke into a bump-and-grind version of the song, and the singer started doing a strip-tease!
She peeled off her long gloves and threws them out into the audience, then started taking off other bits of clothing. Jack came out on stage in a total panic, yelled for her to stop and instructed some stage hands to bring a dressing screen out (while the girl kept on stripping).
The stagehands put the dressing screen in front of the stripper and carried it off-stage...with various articles of the girl's clothing being thrown over the top of the screen as they exited to the wings.

I guess what makes this bit so funny to me is that the idea of having a stripper taking her clothes off is so UNLIKE the usual comedy of Jack Benny and the Benny program in general. Actually, I'm quite surprised that Jack was able to get away with that routine back then. (You didn't actually SEE anything on the girl, but the IDEA was certainly there!).

Does anyone know anything else about this "Stripper" routine? Was it ever part of Jack's stage/nightclub act (like the famous "Three Sisters" act)?

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