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Back Issue Index

The back issues listed below are available for purchase by IJBFC members. All interviews indicated are IJBFC exclusives.

There are several regular elements of the newsletter, which will be abbreviated as follows:

  • DYK = Do You Know, column for members asking questions to the general membership

  • EC = Eddie Carroll’s personal column on playing Jack Benny

  • EO = Ether One, listing of stations airing Jack Benny programs and related material

  • ETC = Etcetera, for various Benny-related trivia 

  • JBC = Jack Benny Classified, column for members looking to buy, sell, or trade items

  • JBPC = Jack Bloom Pasadena Chapter, honorary group for members who have been active for 4+ years

  • NM = New Members

  • OC = Other Clubs, listing of other clubs and periodicals

  • PM = President’s Message

  • TTP = The Tale Piece, column for members’ favorite stories of Jack, script excerpts, or personal encounters

  • TTL = Tape Trading List, for members interested in trading audio or video tapes

  • YDK = You Do Know, column for members responding to questions in the DYK column

Dates will be abbreviated as MM/YY;  MM = number of the first month of the issue, YY= the last two digits of the year of the issue.  

An additional personal note:  as I page over these issues to create this index, I can’t help but note that I was in my early teens to early 20s as I wrote most of these.  Some of the writing (particularly the PMs) seems particularly indulgent to me today.  My apologies to anyone who is bothered by this, and my thanks to those who can accept my youthful enthusiasm and still enjoy the Jack Benny information.

Date Articles
06/84 NM – Listing of Jack Benny logs, Suggested Reading, NARA information
07/84 NM – Honorary Member listing, Kenny Delmar death, Suggested Reading
08/84 Itzhak Perlman interview (brief), Members’ Activities, Suggested Reading
9/84 PM, NM
11/84 Listing of TV shows in syndication, JB coffee mugs, Member Activities
1/85 PM, NM – Jack Benny stamp, significant JB dates in Jan-Feb
Excerpt from 11/84 “Digest of Chiropractic Economics”
3/85 NM – Mickey Rooney interview (brief), Isaac Stern letter, significant JB dates in March-April
1/24/85 Press-Telegram, “‘Cheapskate’ Jack Benny left us richer”
1/6/75 column, “Jack:  ‘Good Night, Folks'”
12/74 column, “…and all the gang”
5/85 PM – Heritage Radio Classics offerings, JB statue sources
5/7/85 Chicago Tribune, “New Mayor old face in Waukegan”
(unknown) column, “‘That’s Me, Baby'” about $5 million lottery winner who played Jack’s age
1961 Readers’ Digest, “How to Tell a Joke” by Jack Benny
7/85 PM, NM
12/22/74 The Sunday Record, “No joke – they’re pals” about Jack and George Burns
9/85 PM, JBC – History of the IJBFC
6/10/85 press release, “Cast and staff of five decades of Jack Benny shows to attend unveiling of first-ever jack Benny exhibit June 18”
1/20/73 The Times TV Topics cover
TV Guide ad for “Jack Benny’s New Look”
11/85 PM, NM, TTL – List of JB biographies
2/21/85 Chicago Tribune, “Hometown tribute to Jack Benny”
12/28/74 The Plain Dealer, “Jack Benny–nation’s best-loved comic”
1/86 PM, NM – JB stamp, JB mugs
(unknown), “Funny business:  Vintage radio shows to be syndicated”
2/6/86 Newark, NJ, “Honoring the ‘pin-up girls’ post haste” (re JB stamp)
5/9/64 TV Guide, “Jack Benny Changes his Tune”
8/30/65 TV Guide, “A Sentimental Farewell” by Benny Rubin (re end of JB TV series)
3/86 PM, TTL, DYK – Smothers Brothers and JB, JB mugs, JB stamp, significant JB dates in March-April
1/17/70 TV Guide, “Coming Up:  One Jack Benny–Well Done”
8/31/76 The National Enquirer, “Jack Benny’s Amazing Psychic Experience on His Deathbed”
Assorted photos
5/86 PM, NM – Member activities, JB mugs and note cards
2/24/74 Family Weekly, “Jack Benny, 80, talks about Jack Benny, 39”
2/20/76 The Plain Dealer, “Benny’s genius payed off”
11/29/85 Daily News, “It’s Bach, Beethoven & Benny” (re airing of JB shows on classical radio)
2/17/69, “Benny’s Time-Tested Formula for Success:  Know What’s Funny, Make Best of It”
7/86 PM, JBC – Frank Nelson memorial
1943 Reader’s Digest, “This Is Jack Benny–Who Cares?”
Radio Guide, “Jack Benny Grills Himself”
11/10/50 Radio-Television Life, “The Secret of Jack Benny’s Success”
Radio Life, “Benny’s Man Sunday” (about Rochester)
Radio Life, “Mary Vs. Mrs. Jack” (by Mary Benny)
11/86 PM, JBC – Irving Fein interview
4/3/77 Daily News, “Beyond the deadpan:  a comic confetti” (about Irving’s book)
9/8/54 New York Times, Radio listing
1/19/87 press release, “Take the Train to the Tribute” (re Waukegan JB celebration)
Assorted photos
1/87 PM, NM, TTL – Summary of events at Waukegan JB Birthday Bash
12/18/86, Letter from George Burns re Waukegan bash (mistakenly addressed to the IJBFC!)
2/14/87 Waukegan News-Sun, “Still 39:  Benny love in bloom again” (falsely stating that I had legally changed my middle name to Benny…well!)
2/13/87 Chicago Sun-Times, “Benny’s 39 again for Waukegan gala”
3/87 PM – Start of 39 Forever and tape library work, JB trinkets, favorite scenes
8/3/86 The Washington Post, “Inventing Jack Benny”
5/87 PM – excerpts of Joan Benny discussions during 2/87 Waukegan gathering, “Much Ado About Me” review
1941 Liberty, “Jack Benny’s Ten Best Gags”
7/87 PM, NM – Dennis Day’s illness and ALS fundraiser, favorite scenes, word search
5/5/46 Radio Life, “Yes please, I’m back!” (about Dennis Day)
10/10/52, “Benny’s From Heaven” (by Bob Crosby)
9/87 PM – Dennis Day interview part 1
3/25/46 Newsweek, “Day Out, Day In” (about Dennis Day)
11/87 PM – Dennis Day interview part 2
2/40 Radio and Television Mirror, (article on Dennis Day)
1/88 PM – Milt Josefsberg memorial, Dennis Day health update, Dennis Day interview part 3, history of the IJBFC
Assorted cartoons
3/88 PM, NM, TTL – Dennis Day’s latest record, favorite scenes
10/24/48 Radio Life, “Listener Collects from Allen!”
8/8/48 Radio Life, “After Television, Then What?”
5/88 PM – Dennis Day memorial, George Balzer interview part 1
12/27/74, “Show world shocked by death of Benny”
12/74, “Benny’s type of cancer is hard to detect”
7/88 PM, JBC – Jack Benny is alive (spoof of “Elvis is alive” furor at the time), George Balzer interview part 2
3/1/87 Macon Telegraph and News, “He’s loved those old radio shows since jr. high”
11/29/41 Liberty, “$3,250 a Week for Laughs” (about Rochester)
9/88 PM – George Balzer interview part 3
1961, “Benny Will Appear Weekly”
11/88 PM – George Balzer interview part 4
12/24/54 TV-Radio Life, “The Ten Turning Points in Jack Benny’s Life”
1/89 PM – Narrative of attending the induction of Jack Benny into the Television Academy Hall of Fame (many members have stated that this is their favorite issue, and it was certainly my favorite to write)
3/89 PM – George Balzer interview part 5
12/24/45 Newsweek, “Please Kick Benny” (about “I Can’t Stand Jack Benny Because…”)
1962, “Jack Benny & Co.”
5/89 PM, JBC, TTP – Mel Blanc memorial, review of Gracie:  A Love Story, Itzhak Perlman interview
1989 The New York Times, “Mel Blanc, Who Provided Voices for 3,000 Cartoons, Is Dead at 81”
1989 Los Angeles Times, “Mel Blanc Dies;  Gave Voice to Cartoon World”
7/89 PM, NM, DYK, TTL, OC – coming attractions
11/6/48 Saturday Evening Post, “Jack Benny’s $400 Yaks”
9/89 PM, DYK – favorite scenes, Sam Perrin interview part 1
3/1/56 Current Biography, “Sketch 3959:  Jack Benny”
3/4/46 Newsweek, “Bennyphobia”
11/89 PM – 1989 Waukegan celebration, the ten best JB programs
3/31/47 Newsweek, “It’s Benny Two to One”
1/90 PM – 10th anniversary of IJBFC, Mel Blanc remembered
(unknown) – interview with Mel Blanc about JB, part 1
3/90 PM, JBC, TTP, EO – Jack’s first violin
(unknown) – interview with Mel Blanc about JB, part 2
11/24/88 The Grand Rapids Press, “Growing Up:  America’s median age will be 39 by 2010 census study claims”
5/90 PM, JBPC, NM – Jack Bloom (member) memorial, Sam Perrin interview part 2
1/19/89 San Diego Union, “Don Freeman…point of view” (about Television Academy induction)
10/8/88, clip about WNBC going off the air
7/90 PM, TTL – Sam Perrin interview part 3
1990, clip on Mel Blanc’s headstone unveiling
10/30/49 Radio and Television Life, “Year of Decision” (about Jack’s question to move to TV)
9/90 PM, NM, DYK, TTP, OC, EO – Sunday Nights at Seven release
8/17/90 Publishers’ Weekly, “Warner Evokes ‘Sunday Nights at Seven’ with Jack Benny”
11/9/47 Radio Life, “Benny’s Switchboard Sweeties” (about the telephone operators)
11/90 PM – Tony Butala interview, Waukegan 1991 celebration, VP election
1/91 PM, NM, DYK, JBC – VP election results, IJBFC comic strip
2/19/54 Collier’s, “I’m Turning 40” (by Jack Benny)
3/91 PM, DYK, JBC, TTP – Comic strip name
12/8/34 Radio Guide, “And Likewise–Jack Benny”
“More Records By Jack Benny” (IJBFC exclusive) by Walt Mitchell
5/91 PM, JBPC, YDK, Sam Perrin interview part 4, JB stamp release
1991, “Promotional potential of stamps appears to influence USPS approach to new issues”
7/91 PM, NM, TTL, JBC, EO
1952 Radio-TV Mirror, “Through the Years with Jack Benny:  Mr. Showbusiness Himself”
9/91 PM – Eddie Carroll interview part 1
11/91 PM – Overview of Times issues, February IJBFC gathering, Eddie Carroll interview part 2
1/92 PM, NM, JBC, TTP, OC – Summary of IJBFC gathering, reopening of tape library
3/31/47 Newsweek, “The Lifetime Guarantee”
3/92 PM, DYK, YDK, TTP, EO, OC – United Kingdom branch, poison Jell-O recipe
(unknown), “‘Rochester’:  Eddie Anderson”
2/20/41 Radio Life, “Mikemen:  (No. 1 in a series) Don Wilson”
5/92 PM, JBPC, DYK, JBC, EO, OC – Opening of “Jack Benny’s Vault” exhibit at Museum of Broadcast Communications, summary of events at dedication of Jack Benny statue at Television Academy Hall of Fame Plaza
5/16/40 Radio Life, “Yes please!” (about Dennis Day)
7/92 PM, TTL, YDK, JBC – Comedy in Bloom airing, Jack’s appearances on Here’s Lucy and The Lucy Show
8/2/92 Associated Press, “Grenada issues stamp series honoring USO’s 50th birthday”
3/61 Today’s Health, ,
9/92 PM – Rex Riffle part 1, Phil Harris interview part 1
11/92 PM, YDK, JBC, OC – Rex Riffle part 2
(unknown), “Michigan Jell-O capital”
1/93 PM – Phil Harris interview part 2
The Complete Encycolpedia of Popular Music and Jazz, 1900-1950:  listing of Phil Harris records
3/93 Phil Harris interview part 3
Whatever Happened To… Part 8, “Phil Harris” and “Dennis Day”
“Actors on Actors:  Jack Benny” by George Riddle
7/93 PM, TTL, TTP, OC – Jack’s heritage and early life in Waukegan
3/61 Today’s Health, “Jack Benny:  He’s Been 39 for 28 Years” part 2
(unknown), “The Double Life of Mr. J. Benny”
1/94 PM, NM, JBPC, TTL, YDK, JBC, TTP, EO- JB 100th birthday, tape library holdings, Dennis Day interview (repeated, all in one issue)
2/14/94 – Jack Benny’s Birthday:  itinerary at the Jack Benny Middle School
2/14/94 – City of Waukegan resolution recognizing JB’s contributions
2/14/94 Chicago Tribune, “Waukegan’s love for Benny in bloom on comic’s 39th birthday…plus 61”
2/91 – Jack Benny Center for the Arts newsletter
1937, “Melody, Misery, Mirth” (review of Broadway Melody of 1936)
(unknown), Artists and Models 2-page ad
Nostalgia Digest, “The Films of Jack Benny”
1962 press release, “A Factual Portrait of Jack Benny”
12/28/51 Radio-TV Life, “The ‘Hmmm’ That Jack Built” (about the Sportsmen Quartet)
1/95 PM, NM, DYK, TTP, JBC – Online OTR, tape library, back issue index ’84-’86, the ten best JB programs (reprint)
1981 Encyclopedia of American Biography
3/28/36 Liberty, “Why Jack Benny is the Highest-Paid Entertainer in the World”
4/95 Remember, “the Last of the Big Tippers” (by Hal Goldman)
5/95 PM, JBPC, JBC – Phil Harris memorial, Phil Harris interview (repeated, all in one issue)
1995 New York Times, “Bandleader Phil Harris dies at 89”
1995, “Benny Happy Returns” (about upcoming Kelsey Grammer JB special)
9/95 PM, DYK, TTP, JBC – George Burns memorial
1/19/96 Detroit Free Press, “George Burns, who turns 100 Saturday, says ‘I didn’t quit'”
12/22/74 The Sunday Record, “No joke–they’re pals” (reprint, about George and Jack)
October 2000 – January 2001 PM, Tape Library Reopened, Waukegan’s Jack Benny Statue, DYK, TTP, Jack Benny Search-a-Word, ETC, Laura Leff interview with Eddie Carroll (exclusive, partial), Laura Leff interview with Fred deCordova (exclusive, complete)
February – May 2001 PM, NM, TTL, Waukegan’s Jack Benny Statue Update, Kenny Baker…”Gee, It’s a Thrill”, Jack and Groucho, DYK, YDK, TTL, ETC, JBC, OC, Laura Leff interview with Larry Adler (exclusive, complete)
June – September 2001* PM, NM, Waukegan’s Jack Benny Statue Schedule, In Memoriam:  Hal Goldman and Russell Saunders, Back Issue Bound Edition, JBPC, Who Wants to Visit Jack Benny’s Vault? (trivia challenge), Jack Benny:  A Man With a Heart (member’s speech on JB), TTP, Jack and the Smuggling Case, DYK, YDK, ETC, JBC, Laura Leff interview with Frank Nelson (exclusive, partial)
January – April 2002* PM, NM, Waukegan’s Jack Benny Statue Update, In Memoriam:  Larry Adler, Fred deCordova, Isaac Stern, and Ralph Levy; YDK, Laura Leff interview with Isaac Stern (exclusive, complete), Benny and Stern:  The Papers (correspondence between Jack and Isaac)
May – August 2002 PM, NM, Waukegan’s Jack Benny Statue Celebration (revised schedule), The Start of the Benny-Allen Feud, Bea Benaderet, DYK, YDK, ETC, JBC, Jack Benny Talks About Comedy (Larry Wilde interview from his book Great Comedians Talk About Comedy)
September – December 2002 WAUKEGAN STATUE ISSUE – PM, NM, Waukegan Diary, Waukegan Memorabilia, EC, Waukegan Memories (interviews with people in and around Waukegan who knew Jack), 39 Forever Celebration, Congratulations to Bobby and Joanna, JBPC, TTL, The Review of the Revue (reprint of November 1918 article discussing show featuring Jack in his first comedy role)
January – April 2003 PM, NM, 39 Forever schedule, What’s Up in Waukegan, TTP, The Regulars (trivia about people in recurring roles on the show), Jack On Stage; Jack Benny, Musical Interludes, and Minstrels; DYK, YDK, JBC
May – August 2003 39 FOREVER ISSUE – PM, NM, Backstage at 39 Forever, Answers and Thank Yous, 39 Forever T-Shirts and Memorabilia, EC, And more thank yous, TTP, DYK, YDK, JBC
September – December 2003 PM, NM, The Big Benny Deal, In Memoriam:  Bob Hope, Bob Blumofe, Gregory Peck, Robert Stack;  EC, JBPC, TTL, TTP, Is Nothing Sacred? (Apparently Not!) (Mary in Tijuana Bible), DYK, YDK, ETC, JBC
2004-2020 Index forthcoming…some day…maybe…

* Date jump to get issues to coincide with calendar year

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