Sundays at 8:00 PM Eastern, 5:00 PM Pacific will be the next session of the  IJBFC chat room.  Anyone interested in discussing all things Benny is invited.  Please be aware that a lot of attendees share many interests in common (e.g., other comedians, animation, Star Trek, Pogo, history, etc.);  the main goal is for people to have a good time, so I don’t moderate the conversation too heavily to keep people on-topic.  So come and enjoy!        

How to use the Chat

  • Click here to E-mail me to invite you to the room.  You will be sent an E-mail with instructions to access the room
  • Go to and log in
  • The names of the people in the chat room will show up on the right side of the window.  The text of the chat will show up in the area on the left side of the window.  

  • To talk in the chat room:  Click on the box at the bottom of the screen.  Then type what you want to say and hit Enter on your keyboard or the Send button.

  • The system automatically puts the name of the person sending the message in front of the message.

  • It’s just that easy! 

If you have any questions, please E-mail me.  See you then!

Chat November 22, 2020

Rodrigo Araya  4:52 PMMa! He’s kissin’ Ma! He’s kissin’ Ma! He’s kissin’ Ma! He’s kissin’ Ma! He’s kissin’ Ma! HOLD IT!  kathy_fuller_seeley  4:52 PMHello anybody Rodrigo Araya  4:53 PMLet me Allenize my voice first… kathy_fuller_seeley  4:53 PMhaha Rodrigo Araya  4:53 PMThank you, thank you and good ev’nin, ladies an’ gentlemen… 4:54Say, Jimmy, did you listen to Benny on Sunday night? kathy_fuller_seeley  4:54 PMhow is your November going

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Chat November 15, 2020

Rodrigo Araya  4:56 PM Hello, anybody.  Neil Ottenstein  4:56 PM Hello Rodrigo garth_johnson  4:57 PM Ladies and gentlemen, before we take you to the studio where George Olsen, Ethel Shutta, and Jack Benny are waiting to entertain you, I want to inform you the Laura will not be joining us tonight. Rodrigo Araya  4:57 PM Have any of you saw the drawing

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Chat November 8, 2020

Rodrigo Araya  4:59 PMIf the “Texaco Star Theatre” was done today:PORTLAND: Hello, Mr. Allen! Hello, Kenny! Hello, Mr. Wall…FRED: Oh, Portland! Jimmy’s got amnesia. Maybe the election had something to do with it… In fact, what happened on Saturday reminded me of an incident Benny had several years ago…JIMMY: Do you mean Ben Bernie?FRED: No, Sergei.

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Chat November 1, 2020

Rodrigo Araya  3:43 PM Hi, Laura. garth_johnson  4:03 PM Rodrigo Araya  4:06 PM I know you guys had your clocks turned back one hour, so cut that out! 4:06 Play something, Phil! Yes, Mr. Legree… 4:07 To think some listened to Jack at 3 in the afternoon instead of 4… garth_johnson  4:09 PM can’t quickly find something appropriate by

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Chat October 24, 2020

chat October 25, 2020 Rodrigo Araya  4:36 PMAre you there, Garth? 4:36I know it’s a bit early. 4:37I have a little question for you:I was just listening to Dennis’ farewell show and there are a couple of jokes about visitors to British Columbia having to wait five days before being able to consume alcohol. Was there such a

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Chat October 4th, 2020

Nancy A. Acosta4:51 PMHello ^^)v Rodrigo Araya4:52 PMJell-o there!Ring the bell for Pall Mall!DING-DONG!The Dennis Day Program featuring Phil Sinatra and Dinah Livingstone, George Bernard Shaw and yours’ truly, the pickle in the middle!14:53A few minutes remain before the chat begins. kathy_fuller_seeley4:53 PMhaha Rodrigo, you are rarin’4:53to go! Rodrigo Araya4:54 PMRaring to go like General

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