Jack Benny in Cartoons

"I Love to Sing-A"
Rel 7/18/36 - Prod ???? - MPAA 2240 - MM - Blue Ribbon 
Supervision: Fred Avery - Anim: Charles Jones, Virgil Ross - Music: Norman Spencer 
VO: Billy Bletcher, Joe Dougherty. 
Video: "The Golden Age Of Looney Tunes", "Porky!" 

"The Woods are Full of Cuckoos"
Rel 12/4/37 - Prod 8149 - MPAA 3739 - MM #5 (Yellow rings)
Sup: Frank Tashlin - Story: Melvin Millar - Anim: Robert Bentley - 
Music:  Carl W. Stalling
Anim reuse from: My Green Fedora.
Uncredited character design: T. Hee.
Video: "The Golden Age Of Looney Tunes, Vol. 4".

"Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur"        Watch it!
Rel 4/22/39 - Prod 8839 - MPAA 5121 - MM (Green rings) 
Sup: Charles M. Jones - Story: Dave Monahan - Anim: A.C. Gamer - Music:
Carl W. Stalling
Additional Voice Characterizations: Jack Lescoulie 
Video: "The Golden Age Of Looney Tunes, Vol. 3", "Daffy Duck And
Company", "Cartoon Classics In Color By Video Yesteryear Vol. 4: Classic
Warner Bros.", "Shokus Vol. 2: Classic Warner Bros.", "Nostalgia Merchant
Cartoon Parade No. 1", "Inside Termite Terrace Vol. 2: Tokio Jokio", "Warner
Bros. Collection Vol. 2: Wackiki Wabbit".

"Slap Happy Pappy"
Rel 4/13/40 - Prod 9370 - MPAA 5827 - LT 
Sup: Robert Clampett - Anim: John Carey, I. Ellis - Music: Carl W. Stalling 
Video: None. 

"Malibu Beach Party"
Rel 9/14/40 - Prod 9633 - MPAA 5994 - MM (Yellow-orange rings) 
Sup: I. Freleng - Story: Jack Miller - Anim: Gil Turner - Music: Carl W. Stalling 
Most successful parodying of Jack Benny and his radio crew, until 1958's The Mouse That Jack Built which was authorized and performed by Benny himself. 
Video: "The Golden Age Of Looney Tunes, Vol. 4". 

"Meet John Doughboy"
Rel 7/5/41 - Prod ???? - MPAA 7227 - LT 
Sup: Robert Clampett - Story: Warren Foster - Anim: Vive Risto - Music: Carl W. Stalling 
Video: None. 

"Becall to Arms" (Rochester makes a solo appearance)
Rel 8/3/46 - Prod 1017 - MPAA 10719 - MM (Blue/red rings)
Anim: Manny Gould, Rod Scribner, Don Williams, I. Ellis - 
Layouts And Backgrounds: Thomas McKimson, Philip DeGuard - Music: Carl W. Stalling
Robert Clampett directed without screen credit.
Uncredited VC: Dave Barry (the Bogart voice).
Footage retrace from She Was An Acrobat's Daughter. Rotoscoped animation of 
Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.
Suppressed Distribution.
Video: "The Golden Age Of Looney Tunes, Vol. 2".

"Hollywood Daffy"
Rel 6/22/46 - Prod 2-15 - MPAA 10550 - MM (Blue/red rings) 
Story: Michael Maltese - Anim: Ken Champin, Virgil Ross, Gerry Chiniquy,
Manuel Perez - Layouts: Hawley Pratt - Backgrounds: Paul Julian - VC: Mel
Blanc - Music: Carl W. Stalling 
I. Freleng directed without screen credit. 
Video: "The Golden Age Of Looney Tunes", "Just Plain Daffy", "Daffy Duck
Cartoon Festival Featuring Ain't That Ducky".

"What's Up, Doc?"
Rel 6/17/50 - Prod 1114 - MPAA 13011 - LT 
Dir: Robert McKimson - Story: Warren Foster - Anim: J.C. Melendez, Charles
McKimson, Phil DeLara, Pete Burness (credited as Wilson Burness) - Layout:
Cornett Wood - Backgrounds: Richard H. Thomas - VC: Mel Blanc - Music:
Carl Stalling 
In Bugs Bunny Show 1586. 
Video: "Looney Tunes Curtain Calls", "Elmer Fudd's Comedy Capers",
"LT:TCE - Daffy Doodles (Robert McKimson)".

"The Mouse That Jack Built"
Rel 4/4/59 - Prod 1520 - MPAA 18955 - MM (Blue rings) 
Dir: Robert McKimson 
Cast Of Characters: Jack Benny: Himself; Mary Livingston: Herself; Rochester: Himself; Don Wilson: Himself; The Maxwell: Mel Blanc. 
Story: Tedd Pierce - Anim: Tom Ray, George Grandpré, Ted Bonnicksen,Warren Batchelder - Layout: Robert Gribbroek - Backgrounds: Bob Singer -
Film Editor: Treg Brown - Music: Milt Franklyn 
LT&MM does not list Tom Ray as Animator. 
Video: None.

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"Baby Bottleneck" - Dog based on Phil Harris
Rel 3/16/46 - Prod ???? - MPAA 10469 - LT - Blue Ribbon No. 1256 (Blue/red rings) 
Dir: Robert Clampett - Story: Warren Foster - Anim: Rod Scribner, Manny Gould, Robert McKimson, J.C. Melendez - Layout And Backgrounds: Thomas
McKimson, Cornett Wood - VC: Mel Blanc - Music: Carl W. Stalling 
Video: "The Golden Age Of Looney Tunes", "Porky!". 

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