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Sunday,  March 19th at 8:00 PM Eastern, 5:00 PM Pacific will be the next session of the  IJBFC chat room.  (Apologies, folks...my May calendar is fully booked on Sundays!)  Anyone interested in discussing all things Benny is invited.  Please be aware that a lot of attendees share many interests in common (e.g., other comedians, animation, Star Trek, Pogo, history, etc.);  the main goal is for people to have a good time, so I don't moderate the conversation too heavily to keep people on-topic.

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A link will be posted for each chat. It is highly recommended that people attending the chat take some time to listen to this show, to provide a common topic of discussion and analysis.

03/19/17 chat:                Going to try something different by request...we will be watching one of the television episodes together.   I'll share a link to watch2gether during the chat.

                    02/05/17 chat:                (1 hour) 2/14/58 Shower of Stars
                                                            Related reading:  The Many Happy Returns of Benny, Life, 2/24/58


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