Notes from 2010 Pennies for Benny

Just leave a message that says we miss him and thanks for the laughs.  The world is a better place thanks to him.

Jeff Van Arnam

To Mr. Benny - one of the funniest guys of the 20th century - or ANY century!
Thanks for the laughter
Johnny Cat

Here is how much I've "forgotten" Jack Benny. I believe I was 12 years old when he did "Jack Benny's 1st Farewell Special." I still remember that the guests would come on and say to Jack how sorry he was that he was retiring, and he'd have to explain: "No, no! This is my FIRST farewell special! Then I'll do my second farewell special and my third farewell special, and so on!" The final guest was then-Gov. Ronald Reagan, who came on to wish Jack a happy retirement. Before Jack could explain to him, Reagan gave Jack a retirement present: a Cadillac filled from top to bottom with cash. The special's credits rolled as Jack stood stone-faced, incredulous as to whether he should reveal the secret and lose the big prize.
I've been a fan of Jack Benny ever since.
Forgotten? Feh! Adam Sandler, now HIM I'll forget!
a fan,
Steve Bailey
Jacksonville Beach, FL.


You will always be our favorite son. Thank you for forever putting us on the map and for everything you have done for us. We miss you. Rest in Peace.

With love from your fans in Waukegan, Illinois 

Jack Benny found a way to take it with him.
He had his appendix taken out & a piggy bank put in.

____ Bob Hope, 3/4/53

Dear Mr. Benny,

THANK YOU for being who you are and doing what you have done!

To point out that your work has influenced generations of top-notch comedians and comedy writers feels redundant and superficial.  But I feel the need to express that your work -- and the work you enabled others to do -- CONTINUES to inspire, educate and entertain, well after your Earthly journey!

I thank you so much for the years of laughter you have given me, personally, and for the laughter I know I share with GENERATIONS of grateful fans!!!


Most earnestly,

Ray Jay Edwards :)

thank you  mr benny 

for making me life for the last 25 years 

when i am down i can listen to your show and you always bring me back up 

charles from nj

Dear Jack,

From one Waukegan string player to another,

Thanks for all the great times that you have given to me and the world
with your comedic talents, acting, and even your musicianship.

You are missed by myself and your fans throughout the world....

Rest in Peace.

Tim Carvis
Jack Benny Jr. High School Alum
Waukegan High School Orchestra Cellist

Hello Mrs. Leff,  

My card for Jack is simple. Thank you for your continuous gift of laughter! Peace.  

Darin Farr

I am definitely a generous and giving person...and a big fan of the Jack Benny programs and shows, but much more a fan of the man who was Jack Benny.  I definitely like to give respect where it is due, and that is one person I wish more people would desire to imitate.

Best wishes to all your extraordinary efforts...and thank you for keeping the life and legacy alive of one I consider to be one of the greatest individuals of the 20th century.




 Jack, you have entertained me for nearly fifty years: ten while you were still with us and ever since for these past 35 years.  I had the honor of doing your impression as a teenager competing at the Lewis County fair, I purchased a necktie you wore from a charity auction when I was seventeen years old and wore it for my senior picture, and I wrote about your friendship with Johnny Carson in Well!  You have been as much a part of my life as any family member, friend, colleague, or friend-I-haven't-met yet.  We miss you here, but I know you're keeping God laughing. 

Your friend, 


This message is in memory of Jack Benny--who knew how to develop his own exquisite talent by surrounding himself with fine talents and allowing them to flourish.

David Fott

We want to thank Jack for bringing so much happiness in our lives. Even in my son and I's saddest times when we listen to a radio episode or watch him on tv, everything else melts away. Let us never forget the craftsmanship and amazing talent he brought to us all.

Thank you Jack,
      Tom & Dan Nagy
      Omaha, NE

Aloha jack…from Hawaii ..where we listen to your shows via mp3, and cd’s most everynight when we go to sleep.. our kids who are now 17, 20 and 22, who are far removed from the life and times of your era bygone, have listened too, since they were infants..and so your humor, your life and times lives on, in generations far beyond yours or my years.. because of your delicate nature, that shines thru the images you portray, you represent a peace and joy, that fills our lives..with your and now.. aloha jack.. you are missed but will never be forgotten thanks to the many evenings we relive … what would we do without the Sundays you filled for the world so many years ago..mahalo for showing us the soft side of these days of toil and turmoil…  

p.s. my wife has a maddening crush on you.. so you can rest assured that your image is still a most vibrant and charismatic one, that I have trouble competing this day…  

Andy/chris/mia/dylan/nage melamed… of Hanalei, Kauai , Hawaii

Although this is a sad day, it being the day you left us, I would also like to use it to remember the joy you brought to so many people. There will always be happiness for those who have Jack Benny in their lives.

God bless. 

Suzanne Curd. 



Just wanted to let you know that we all miss you. There will never be another Jack Benny. You were the best. 

Joe Mittleman

Thank you Jack for all the laughter....Still!!!!!!  You have not and will not be forgotten! 

  Mike........ Rockford, Il.   

Dear Jack,

        Thank you so much for the gift of laughter you have given the entire world. Although I was born the same year that you left us, I have been a major fan of yours ever since my grandmother introduced me to you through those old-time radio cassette tapes when I was about 8 or 9. Now, I'm nearly your age - 36!

        Aside from your talent for keeping us in stitches, you were also an extraordinarily gentle and loving man. I truly wish I could have met you to shake your hand. You are my all-time favorite entertainer.

        May you be in peace, my friend.

                                                                 All good wishes,

                                                                     Chad Bonvillain

                                                                      Houma, LA  

Jack Benny was a tremendous talent and, I am sure, person.   

He continues to enrich our lives and will forever. 

Frank Phillips
The Paper of Montgomery County

I and my fellow Benny fans in London shall be raising a glass to the Great Man on what we over here call Boxing Day. 

with long-lasting affection and admiration for the Master of Comedy who will never be forgotten


Michael Pointon

Here is a "virtual penny for Benny" to a great person and comedian. 

Bob McCullough

Although I was just a tot of two when you left us, I've since come to appreciate and enjoy the many hours of great entertainment you've left behind. Your work is timeless, and while we still mourn your passing and miss your gentle humor in the fast paced world which we now live in, because of tape and film, you will never be forgotten and will continue to inspire and amaze for generations to come. Greg Van Beek, West Bend, Wisconsin

I vividly remember when Jack passed away. It was like a family member's passing. Thank you Jack  for all the fond memories from my childhood that I still carry with me. May God bless you.