December 26 - A Penny for Benny

Many thanks to the folks who were able to attend the various events during our celebration of Jack's life.  A very special thanks to Jill Glasband of Hillside Memorial Park for organizing the service and giving us a tour of the graves of other well-know people.  Also special thanks to Martin Gostanian of the Paley Center for Media for all his help in organizing the event and the Paley Center screenings.

Read some of the notes left for Jack


Hillside Service


^ (Opening pennies and notes sent to Hillside prior to the service)                                ^ One red rose every day to be "remembered to my Doll"

^ Leading the service                                                                                 ^ Dennis Johnson places his penny as Martin Gostanian looks on

^ (L to R) Valerie (*), Scott Ferguson Greene, Michael Rudolph (in brown), Holland MacFallister (in green), Michael Sherman, Laura Leff, Tracy Johnson, Alex Chavira

Other Hillside graves



(L to R:  Michael Sherman, Jill Glasband, Laura Leff, Aaron (*), Martin Gostanian, Abe Feuerstein, Tracy Johnson) ^

The Paley Center

^ (L to R:  Alex Chavira, Martin Gostanian, Michael Sherman, Laura Leff, Dennis Johnson, Aaron (*), Dana Snow