Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of August 16, 2004:

And the winner is...

My new cast will work for cheese. - Dennis Johnson

And the submissions are...

  1. My new cast will work for cheese. - Dennis Johnson

  2. Some entertainers are immortalized in a statue, or a song. But for me, I'll be remembered whenever a person sets a mousetrap. - r.p.

  3. I think that the animators captured the true essence of my soul. Don't you, Rochester? Before you answer, your contract is up for renewal next month. - r.p.

  4. Yes!, I drew them, and I would have colored them too, except crayons are soooo exspensive these days. - Chuck Carson

  5. Rats!! - Phil Curry

  6. Whoever thought that a rat like me could play the part of a mouse? - Connie Pen

  7. Walt Disney, eat your heart out! - Bob Hodgson

  8. I didn't draw them but don't I pose well? - Chuck Carson

  9. Jack: Gee, Walt Disney did pretty well for himself. Maybe I need keep an open mind. 
    Mary: Oh, please. You consider reading Little Orphan Annie a contribution to the Arts. - r.p.

  10. I'm in Mickey Mouse's bedroom,and I don't care much for the new wallpaper samples--it's so mousey you see. - Bill Ludwig

  11. You're telling me they're NOT Picassos? - Clem Omine

  12. WELL! Reduced to a mouse. - Mr. X

  13. My mouse does look a little thick around the middle. Hmmm. But at least he doesn't look over 39. - Mr. X

  14. We'll need bigger paper to draw Fred Allen, he's the biggest rat there is! - Phil Curry

  15. I have to say, the things Phil sees on HIS lost weekends are a lot cuter than what Ray Milland sees! - Scott Pitzer

  16. You want ME to do voices for a Saturday-morning cartoon? I'm a PRIME-TIME television star! - Joseph Gallant

  17. And you thought I only played the violin....heh! - Nancy Luther-Kasemeier

  18. 1) OK, so they're not Van Goghs, but for what I was willing to spend, they're pretty good! I'll frame them myself; you should have HEARD what he wanted for them! 2) Warner Bros. is making a sequel to 'Of Mice and Men'; I'm not sure if they're offering me a part or using me as the figure model! (Hmmm, wonder how much that pays....) 3) During the show's summer hiatus I'll be doing guest spots on 'The Mickey Mouse Club'! Wonder if I'll be a believable 39-year-old Mousketeer... - Thomas Lauffenberger

  19. The minute I discovered we had mice...I began charging them rent. - Brad Strickland

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