Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of December 1, 2003:

And the winner is...

No rush on the flat tire Rochester...Mel Blanc is running late and it won't start without HIM! - Betty O'Brien

  1. Well Boss, I know ya saved alot of money, but I told ya not to let Red Skelton do the tune up again. OK!, I'm crankin! I'M Crankin!! - Tony Miller

  2. Speed it up Rochester or I'll be late for the broadcast - Zach Eastman

  3. This is going to cost us $5 in fares you know. - Howard Rosenberg

  4. This sure is a cheap watch you gave me for Christmas last year, Rochester - Marco Newton

  5. Speaking of old cranks, about that raise I asked you for 3 years ago - Marco Newton

  6. Let's see, so far 4 cranks at 10 cents per crank... that's 40 cents off your salary so far Rochester. I've told you that time is money! - Curt Lippe

  7. Rochester, the instructions say, crank four times to the left and then four times to the right in under 30 seconds. - Chuck Carson

  8. Gee, I really like this Mickey Mouse watch that Mary bought me! - Bob Hodgson

  9. look Boss, if you don't stop timing me, I'm gonna smack you with this crank handle! - Chuck Carson

  10. Hurry up, Rochester...If I miss my broadcast, Phil Harris will end up singing That's What I Like About The South for the whole half-hour! - Gerry Orlando

  11. Hurry it up, Rochester! We got to get to the the movie theatre before the prices change at 6 PM! - Owens Pomeroy

  12. My oh my, I don't know which is the worst crank I have to deal with... the one on the Maxwell, or the one standing beside it! - Gord Simbrow, Toronto

  13. Rochester: Mr. Benny, I told you letting Mr. Day work on the Maxwell just 'cause he'd do it for free was a BAD idea!
    Jack: Just do something, Rochester! Phil Harris was dropping back by for a visit at three and we left the front door AND the liquor cabinet unlocked! - R.J. Warren

  14. Hurry up, Rochester. It's four o'clock. Except this is Beverly Hills so it's probably only two. - Art Weil

  15. No rush on the flat tire Rochester...Mel Blanc is running late and it won't start without HIM! - Betty O'Brien

  16. We've got 5 minutes to make it to the studio. Rochester, can't you crank that Maxwell any quicker?! - C&H

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