Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of November 22, 2004:

And the winner is...

That racetrack tout said Cheapskate is going to win but I don't see him here, do you Mary?
Oh brother, DO I!! - Betty O'Brien

And the submissions are...

  1. JACK: Hey Mary, let's go to the racetrack this afternoon.
    MARY: No thanks, Jack....You might lose a 25-cent bet, and I can't stand to see a grown man cry! - Gerry Orlando

  2. Mary: I don't know what you are upset about Jack, it was MY five dollars that you lost at the track. - Mr. X

  3. Jack: How could my horse come in thirty-ninth in a field of six?
    Mary: He really came in fifty-fourth. The track has its little secrets, too. - Brad Strickland

  4. Look Mary, an interview with Georgie Jessel. He says that the eulogy, which will be the most difficult for him to do, will be the one for Jack Benny. Whhaatt? Well. - r.p.

  5. 'Don't take it so hard, Jack, they even thought Rochester's horse was going to win.' - Dennis Johnson

  6. Jack: This picture is going to be shown in Techinocolor. In my next picture, I'm going to demand that it be filmed that way. As you well know, Mary, my eyes are my best feature. 
    Mary: The only way you'll be photographed in color is if the photo booth at Coney Island switches to color film. - r.p.

  7. Jack if your going to bet five dollars on a horse you must know something - Zach E. aka The Ultimate Jack Benny Fan

  8. There it is, in black and white: Jack Benny loses $4.75. - Connie Pen

  9. Hmmm... Blue Eyes, Lost Oscar, or Cucamonga Kid? Where's that darn racetrack tout when I need him? - Scott Pitzer

  10. come on jack, that horse lost fifty years ago.... you can't get $4.75 from it's great great grand colt - kevin shafer florence ky

  11. Hmmmm, looks like Phil had one too many last night. - Josef

  12. Oh Jack, I know my Mother is a nag BUT you won't find her name in the Racing Forum! - Chuck Carson

  13. Jack, I don't think you can get Rochester a part time job as a jockey instead of giving him a raise! - Chuck Carson

  14. That racetrack tout said Cheapskate is going to win but I don't see him here, do you Mary?
    Oh brother, DO I!! - Betty O'Brien

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