Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of November 21, 2005:

(from Artists and Models Abroad)

And the winner is...

I know I promised all of you I'd get you into a big time Hollywood party for ten bucks a piece, but who'd imagine the Colmans would put up this wall between our houses? - F.N.V.

And the submissions are...

  1. O.K, if you think the rent down here in my basement is to high, how does a tent in the backyard sound? - Natale

  2. I'm paying for this voyage to Europe, but if it bothers everyone that much, I'll see what they can do about the cows. - Lauren V.

  3. Your wife is wearing a dress mad entirely of CASH! I'll have to confiscate it as (homina-homina) EVIDENCE! Yeah, That's it! - Brian Baker

  4. In Jacks mind...Yodel ley he hoo ! - John Tallulah Hemmingway Navarro

  5. We may be trapped in here for days. I can't let the sandwiches go for any less than two dollars a piece. - Ty

  6. It's easy. You buy one ticket, find some seats in the front row, then open the exit door so the rest of us can get into the theater. - Dean

  7. Jack: You just never know which famous producer, or agent will discover you. It'd be just like that movie with Fredrick March and Janet Gaynor. You know the one, A Star Is Born. 
    Man in in brown suit: Look buddy, I don't care if you're Bob Hope, I'm not going wear a sandwich sign, which reads, Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings, self serve, all you can eat for $7.88, and walk down mainstreet all day. - r.p. -

  8. Well, here we are. Three artists, two models...and a broad. - Brad from Georgia

  9. This goes against every instinct in my body, but I'll go ahead and give you the nickle for the phone call so we can be rescued. - T. Opper

  10. If they won't sell us train tickets for those under 12, we'll just have to make a run for that open freight car. - D. Bralyn

  11. My vault! It's empty! How will I go on living? - L.M.V.

  12. Well, for heaven's sake! Can't you go just one season without pay!? - Brandall B

  13. Normally, we could call Phil Harris. I've bailed him out of jail so many times, he owes me big time. Unfortunately, he's in the next cell. - Lauren

  14. Has anyone seen my hair? - Joe Hoffman

  15. I'll show that studio guard a thing or two. If you can just boost me over the wall, I'm certain I can get THE HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT PART TWO script to C.B. DeMille - D. Lyn

  16. I know I promised all of you I'd get you into a big time Hollywood party for ten bucks a piece, but who'd imagine the Colmans would put up this wall between our houses? - F.N.V.

  17. O.K., you two can go now..I'll hold up the wall! - Chuck Carson

  18. Listen Mister, the cover charge is 15 cents, and you're holding up the line. These people are waiting to get in. Are you going to pay it or what!!?? Jack: Hmmm.... - DJ

  19. Darn it. I told them to tint my eyes blue! - L.J.S.

  20. ok..inky-dinky-parlay-vous....NOW...can I please get into the loo ? - Marie Miani

  21. Pardon me bud, but would you please get Eddie Cantor off my back! - Jeff Rodman

  22. Okay, here's the plan: halfway through the main course, you sneak the cockroach onto my plate, I'll yell 'EEK! A cockroach!' and dinner's on the house! - Jim

  23. Lou Gehrig was a tough out, but the Bambino, well......I really had his number. - Danny Hogg

  24. Hmmm...Now you said that I said, that I was gonna pick up the check after dinner- but still even if Jell-o is the worlds most tempting and satisfying economical dessert; you shouldn't have had two portions! - Troy Pickklyk,CANADA

  25. Now watch. See, the quickest way to a man's heart is through his this! - Ken Behrens

  26. I have good news and bad news. The good news is we can all go to the theater. The bad news is someone has to pay. - Stan Graiewski

  27. You must be the ghost of Bill Bendix, I can put my hand right thru you! - Chuck Carson

  28. Look at Allen standing over there with Mary.....Mary! - Mr. X


  30. I'm telling you sister, it's five bucks each to come in my club and another five for that hat! - Dennis Millard

  31. OK, you haven't got my quarter in your jacket pocket. Now Joan, I'm going to search you next! - Frev

  32. Cornered in Allen's Alley. This is humiliating! - D. Bralyn

  33. Okay, I might not be able to take HIM in a fair fight, but how about you, sister? - Dennis Millard

  34. You see, they won't let me into Fort Knox to visit my money, but if all of you can cause a disturbance, I'll sneak in. - Ty. S. Ano

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