Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of November 7, 2005:

(L to R:  Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Jack, Robert Mitchum, cue card woman, John Forsythe?)

And the winner is...

If Bob Mitchum says Si and Sy behind us one more time, Mel Blanc is going to Sue. - D. Bralyn

And the submissions are...

  1. I think Mitchum stole Mel Blanc's hat. - Robb Hadley

  2. It says here one of us is supposed to say the drinks are on me...(pause)..hmmmm..well it ain't gonna be ME brother! - Steve Rodrigues

  3. Microphone? For a minute, Dean, I thought you were working with Jerry again. - T. Opper

  4. I don't care how close you move that card, I'm still not saying, Dead or alive I'll pay a reward!  I'll pay a reward - D. Lyn

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our version of High Noon. It's noon, and Dean is high. - Brad from Georgia

  6. Jack: Tonight, we'll doing our version of Rio Bravo. It's called Rio Loco. - r.p.

  7. I told you guys, THE MICROPHONE STAYS IN FRONT OF ME! - Chuck Carson

  8. 'Give me a second fellas, I'm trying to decide if I should go with 'High Pockets' rather than 'Buck' Benny. - dj

  9. Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement. We'll be taking a fifteen minute break so Mr. Martin can get a drink and so Mr. Sinatra can punch someone. - Natale

  10. Hold her tight, Frank! Pat her down, Dean! I believe she has a bottle of aftershave lotion in her cleavage! - L. J. Lucky Cuoco

  11. I told him not to cross in front of stampeding cattle. - John Egan

  12. Rat Pack? When my agent called I could have sworn he said Pack Rat - Ty

  13. Maybe if you bring the card a little closer I can smell the words. - Dean V.

  14. If Bob Mitchum says Si and Sy behind us one more time, Mel Blanc is going to Sue. - D. Bralyn

  15. Gosh, that mirror makes me look 10 years younger. - L. M. V.

  16. Here's the problem. A frayed wire right here--Pull it out! Pull it out!! PULL IT OUT!!!!! - Brian Baker

  17. Say Dean...whose eyes are the bluest? The Sheriff of Hoboken or mine?! - John Tallulah Navarro

  18. Nope, still can't read the cue card, Make the letters bigger! - Chuck Carson

  19. Bob, now cut that out with whispering the Si, Sy, Sue bit! I'm trying to read the cue card! - shimp scrampi

  20. You can blow up the size of my birth certificate as big as you want, that date is still a typo! - L. Fiff

  21. Pardon me while a select my Keno numbers. - Lauren

  22. Oh come on Jack, Frank and I told you to only eat one bean burrito! - Chuck Carson

  23. Settle down, Dean... he can still sing a duet with you... I'm only interested in his Golden Arm! And Mitchum... Mitchum... PUT THAT OUT! Before we all get busted! - Scott Pitzer

  24. O.K., you got me, fellas. But, if I surrender, can I claim the reward for myself? - L.M.V.

  25. Gee, that photograph of Sam Giancona really inspires you to perform for free. - Natale

  26. It's a shame how your eyesight starts to go when you hit 39. - Jean Ann Wilson

  27. The Original Rat Pack - Stan Graiewski

  28. Yes. I really am the Lone Ranger and one of you guys has my mask. These glasses don't hide my face like a mask. - Stan Graiewski

  29. Y M C A! It's fun to stay at the Y M C A! - Brian Baker

  30. I don't care how many cameras are in the casino, that picture of someone with their arm shoved up a slot machine is NOT me. - D. Ebralyn

  31. I see this microphone is marked down 75 percent. Maybe it's time I bought it. - Bette Ressel

  32. I'm glad to fill in for Sammy, but what does I hurt my bird mean? - F. Vescera

  33. I can't wait for the day Karaoke lyrics can be displayed on a television instead of cue cards! - Brian Baker

  34. Now Dean, Frankie, and Rob- just read what's on the card! This is a serious script-now on this episode Buck Benny finds himself and Hose Quintes his faithful companion crossing the Rio Grande river in the hopes of.... - TROY PICKLYK,Canada

  35. If I could read Italian, I'd be much better as Bucko Bennio these spaghetti westerns. - Tysano R.

  36. Tell George Burns to stop trying to make me crack up by sending naked pictures of himself! - DCV

  37. Well, the writing IS a little small, but cue cards are so expensive nowadays. - Jim

  38. let's do it my way. - sherman casey

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