Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of October 24, 2005:

(with Barbara Stanwyck)

And the winner is...

A collect call? Sorry, wrong number! - Dean

And the submissions are...

  1. Oh, hello Mary! - Chuck Carson

  2. Gertrude, I'm telling you for the last time, 'Sorry Wrong Number' just isn't scary with you in the part. - shimp scrampi

  3. Hello? You have a message from my barber? 'Tell Mr. Benny he can pick it up tomorrow'...hmmm. - Brad from Georgia

  4. A collect call? Sorry, wrong number! - Dean

  5. Barbara, hush. Name a better form of free entertainment than having a 3 party line. - Debra Lyn

  6. Operator, tell Robert Taylor I refuse to accept his long distance call and he can just call his wife when he's in this area code. - Dean Christopher

  7. Hello??... Hello??... There doesn't seem to be anyone there; And why does the mouthpiece smell of ear wax? - bboswell

  8. Here, let me try it. I know the CBS operators... Hello... Yes, this lady was trying to get ahold of her husband at work and got connected to a wrong number and overheard a murder being planned and... What's that?... Yes, I'll hold... - bboswell

  9. What do you mean you're replacing me with Gary Cooper. - Howard Rosenberg

  10. 3 cents every half mile for a taxi is highway robbery! Rather than have you gouge me, I'm sure Miss Stanwyck will be happy to walk the 15 miles home. - Frank Vescera

  11. There's a charge for dialing Information? Well, in that case, is it possible to reverse the charges? - Dean V.

  12. Hello, Metropolitan Life? Could you please check and make sure Barbara Stanwyck hasn't taken out a life insurance policy on a Jack Benny? - L.M.V.

  13. Jack: Hello, May Company, this is Jack Benny. May I speak to Miss Mary Livingstone, please. Hello, Mary, this is Jack. Barbara Stanwyck is willing to do The Dial M for Murder skit, while you're on vacation next week. You want to speak to Barbara? O.k. 
    Mary: Hello, Barbara, this is Mary. It's great to speak to you again, it's been a long time. Barbara, I want to give you a word of advice. Don't let Jack pay you with a year's supply of Lucky Strikes. Take care. - r.p.

  14. Phil,I know it's you. I can smell your breath over the phone - Ty

  15. Operator, if Robert Taylor wishes to make a long distance call to his wife, tell him he'll just have to call the pay phone in my living room! - Dean

  16. 'Overheard someone plotting a murder? No, operator, sorry, wrong number... what? SUSPENSE needs a guest star? Hmmm... I wonder if Auto-Light would give me a lifetime supply of parts for the Maxwell...' - Scott Pitzer

  17. yes, I know I dialed the wrong number but I am not hanging up until I get my moneys worth...Now, what are you wearing??? - Lola Crayola

  18. I'm telling you Rochester, somebody put superglue on the outside of the phone and Barbara is stuck solid! - Chuck Carson

  19. I asked for two rooms, each with a bath, NOT PATH! - Betty O'Brien

  20. Operator, listen closely: I just overheard two men on this phone plotting to murder me. The phone lines must have gotten crossed. Since I didn't get to talk with my party, can I get my nickel back? Hello? Operator? Are you there? - Sarah K.

  21. I want to be clear on this. Now, when the pizzas are delivered, you're absolutely sure a tip is voluntary? - Ty

  22. I can't believe it! The on hold music is WHEN YOU SAY I BEG YOUR PARDON, THEN I'LL COME BACK TO YOU. - T. Opper

  23. Hello? Barbara? This is a great connection! It sounds like you're standing in the room with me! - Brian Baker

  24. Jack, after Sorry, Wrong Number, I've got to have someone answer the phone for me! - 2bobb

  25. Well, tell 'em it's an emergency! I'm on a date with Miss Stanwyck and I've gotta say something clever. Surely ONE of my writers must be available! - L.J.S.

  26. Barbara Stanwyck and Jack Benny in 'Sorry, It's a Toll Call' - J.M.H.

  27. Fine thing. I finally get a guest shot on The Big Valley and Rochester's wearing my Buck Benny costume to a Halloween party. - S. F.

  28. How can I tell Jack he should stick to comedy and not Dramatics - Troy Picklyk, Canada

  29. Oh Rochester, add another plate for dinner. Barbara Stanwyck is joining me tonight. Don't give her the bill until after coffee. - Chuck Carson

  30. Listen, Locksmith, we may be stuck in my vault, but if you charge extra for Sunday house calls, we'll just wait until Monday morning. - L.M.V.

  31. A quiz show calling? And I'll win a thousand dollars if I can name the actress who starred in Stella Dallas? - Dean Christopher

  32. Can you get Miss Stanwyck's car immediately? It's getting dark and if I don't put on my halloween costume on and start Trick or Treating, the big candy bars will be gone! - T. Opper

  33. My Halloween costume? I'm going as an Academy Award Oscar and having Barbara present me at each door. - Debra Lyn

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