Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of October 18, 2004:

And the winner is...

I KNEW I shouldn't have tried to save a few dollars by choosing the banks cheaper safe-deposit box option!!! - Dennis Johnson

And the submissions are...

  1. I really SHOULD open a bank account...but not until they put in some alligators, quicksand and a moat! - Gerry Orlando

  2. You never know when the stock market may crash, Rochester. - Josef

  3. Rochester, help me. It's to lumpy and I can't get any sleep. - Jeff Jones

  4. I bought this mattress at Fred Allen's yard sale for five cents. No wonder he was always so well rested. - r.p.

  5. Well, actually, I better get this money back to the basement, before Phil Harris asks for another raise. - r.p.

  6. That's OK teller I don't need any help!...Hmmm I don't know why Rochester didn't tell me sooner that the sheets weren't fitting over the mattress properly!...Oh well those new twenty dollar bills are kind of sharp and uncomfortable, they don't make them like they used to. - Troy Picklyk BC Canada

  7. Why do banks always have to borrow from me? - Howard Rosenberg (Toronto)

  8. Jack won't tell anyone the Sleep Number of his mattress, but we know it involves 5s, 10s, and 20s! - Scott Pitzer

  9. I KNEW I shouldn't have tried to save a few dollars by choosing the banks cheaper safe-deposit box option!!! - Dennis Johnson

  10. This is why I lose sleep every time Phil or Dennis asks for a raise! - Bob

  11. I learned something very early about banks. And that was, Never trust a place that pulls down their windowshades at three in the afternoon! - Robert

  12. Ed, I promise, you won't even feel it missing! - Jason O' Brimingham

  13. When Mary said, "Oh, stuff it Jack!" I hope this is what she meant. - Chuck Carson

  14. It was hard to sleep last night. Time for a deposit. - Kim McKay

  15. I need to get this money to the bank before three o'clock, or I'll loose a whole day's interest. - r.p.

  16. How am I going to get this mattress in my safe deposit box? - Chuck Carson

  17. Gee, maybe I should branch out into the banking business? The Bank of Benny has a rather nice ring to it. - r.p.

  18. How much does that durn Loch Ness Monster want? - M. C. Hedtke

  19. the interest rate isn't high but what a perfect sleeper -

  20. Oh Oh, I think Bill Paley is comin' to say goodbye! I better speed this up! - Scott Bell

  21. I always say better cash than springs for a goodnights sleep. - Bill Ludwig

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