Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of October 10, 2005:

And the winner is...

If you don't want me to answer honestly, don't ask me if you look fat in that dress. - T. Opper

And the submissions are...


  2. George: Say--good God, Gracie! - Brad from Georgia

  3. Gracie, we're definitely seeing too much of Jack Benny. You're starting to resemble him. - Debra Lyn

  4. Jack, you said you'd do it for the fifty bucks, so remember, the gloves come off first then you go into the bump and grind. - Dean Christopher

  5. Ya know, you're a lot taller than Gracie! - Chuck Carson

  6. Jack, I'm worried about you. It's been over twenty years since CHARLEY'S AUNT and you still insist on keeping that wardrobe. - Frank Vescera

  7. O.K., O.K., Jack. It's only a ten minute bit for the Friars Club, but if you insist, I'll take you to dinner and a movie first. - Ty

  8. Jack, don't you think It's time you told Mary? - L.M.V

  9. Jack Benny in George's aunt - RTL

  10. You know, looking at your profile in this light you resemble Lana Turner? - Dean Christopher

  11. So two sailors passed you without whistling. Jack, I think you're taking this too seriously. - Debra Lyn

  12. Jack, I know you're a perfectionist, but next time we do this routine, can you leave out the Chanel No.5? - E. Egg

  13. You don't have to look so put out just because the doorman didn't card you when we walked in. - Dean V.

  14. With your knowledge of making money, Jack, I'm not surprised you rose to the rank of Madam! - Brian Baker

  15. If you don't want me to answer honestly, don't ask me if you look fat in that dress. - T. Opper

  16. Jack, leave it to you to figure out how to go on a date and make the other person pick up the whole tab. - D.L.V.

  17. If you must know the honest truth, they chose Jack Lemmon over you for SOME LIKE IT HOT because the producers were afraid the audience might not be able to tell you and Marilyn apart. - Frank Vescera

  18. Jack, with that outfit and your natural way of walking, there's no way in the world anyone will recognize you. - Tysano

  19. I dont know how Gracie ever talked me into being her show replacement, but George better get that glint out of his eye! - Troy Picklyk, CANADA

  20. Hold on to me George, these heals make me look majestic, but how do these ladies walk in these things! - Troy Picklyk, CANADA

  21. After the show Jack! The auditions for the picture Some Like it Hot, aint for two more hours yet!-Thats are not George, and I stand as much of a chance as that Tony Curtis or that other Jack guy! - Troy Picklyk, CANADA

  22. The only way you're taller than me is in those heels! - Chuck Carson

  23. Just because Milton Berle is wearing a nicer dress than you, it's no reason to be upset. - D. L. Vescera

  24. Look, If this gets back to Mary, I'll tell her you fell head first into one of Gracie's old steamer trunks. - Dean

  25. What you won't do for money! - Brian Baker

  26. Gracie never rubbed against me the way you just did! Gggggrrrr! - Brian Baker

  27. Milton Berle should look so good! - Joe Hoffman

  28. The next time I bet on the Rose Bowl, it's gonna be for money, brother! - Jim

  29. Laugh all you want, George, but the 'Horn Blows At Midnight' reunion party is in the next room, and I want to get out of here alive! - Jim

  30. That's the last time I play gin rummy with you!!!!! - Jim

  31. to be gracie or not gracie, that is the question, jack ? - Mr. X

  32. It was a fair coin toss Jack, I get the cigar and YOU get the dress. Ha Ha. - Luke

  33. Relax, all you have left is the talent competition. If you don't mess up on those high notes with your violin, you're a cinch to be crowned the new Miss America. - L.M.V.

  34. Come on, give me a smile. The fellas at Hillcrest might be over eighty, but you loved it when they started howling. - Deb Bralyn

  35. So you bombed. I told you I didn't think playing the violin while reciting the Vagina Monologues would be a hit. - FNV

  36. Look on the bright side. For Dennis, you can now be both a father figure AND a mother figure. - L. Fiff

  37. What's your problem now? On the road, we've always shared the same room. - Corey C.

  38. Sorry, Jack, you're no match for Gracie. But if it'll make you feel better, you're a LOT prettier than MILTON! - David47Jens

  39. You never surprise me, Jack. There's nothing you won't do for a tax deduction. - Frank Vescera

  40. You deserve all the credit in the world for your U.S.O work, Jack, but was it necessary to volunteer for the ten cents a dance activity? - Frank Vescera

  41. I can't believe you asked Mary to recommend you for a part-time job at the May Co. so you could earn some extra Christmas money. - Mr. P. Key

  42. The conventioneers were a bit rowdy, but the act was a big hit. I'm sorry, though, you'll have to deal with that guy who dropped his room key down your blouse on your own. - B. Baboo

  43. The things I have to do to get George to buy my dinner. - Jeff Jones

  44. Why change to grab a bite to eat when we have another show in an hour? Besides, this is Hollywood. Half the men on Sunset Boulevard are dressed exactly like you anyway. - Natale

  45. Jack, I know you're nervous, but the feeling in my right arm is gone and I think gangrene has started to set in. - P. Tierra

  46. I know how much you want to make another move, Jack, but they've already cast Gloria Swanson for SUNSET BOULEVARD - D.L.V.

  47. You have to talk to Alice Faye, Jack. After she saw you walking with Phil Harris while dressed in that outfit, she ran home, changed the locks, and filed for divorce. - Mr. F

  48. I've gotta hand it to you, Jack. When I said I wouldn't appear on your show without Gracie, I thought for sure you'd break down and pay for both of us. - L.J.S.

  49. Jack, I STILL think this is a ridiculous way to get free admission to Santa Anita just because it's Ladies Day! - 2bobb

  50. Jack, aren't you going a bit too far just so you can see a baseball game for free on Ladies Day? - Val Center

  51. See what happens when you're too cheap to turn on the lights and end up getting dressed in Mary's closest in the dark? - Ty

  52. Look Jack, just because your Aunt left you her clothes and her wig in her will doesn't mean you have to wear them. - Phil Curry

  53. The original Odd Couple. - Joe Hoffman

  54. New haircut Gracie? - RTL

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