Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of October 6, 2003:

And the winner is...

Hey Mary, let's pretend we're Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night! - Betty O'Brien

And the submissions are:

  1. Oh Goody! I got the plum! - Fred Velez

  2. Mary, it's the Swingin 60's, don't you just love these Groovy Threads? - William Hardie

  3. Hey Rochester, look at my boo boo! - Chuck Carson

  4. Oh Dennis, get in your jamies and we'll have a thumb sucking contest! - Bob Hodgson

  5. Yes Jackie, since you are already in your pajamas you can stay up for the rest of the show. Yeah, 10-4 ma -

  6. Waiter ? Over here ! It's now midnight and my dinner is kind of late in my waiting for the past 3 hours ! Lucky I came dressed like this ! It's already time to change my order for a midnight snack ! The works of my order 3 hours ago ! Please make the order fresh ! - Tommy Gunn

  7. I just put in my thumb and pulled out a plum! The Little Jack Horner story, starring Jack Benny - Chuck Carson

  8. This robe makes me dizzy! - Chris & Straight Toes

  9. I'm just practicing in case the Maxwell goes down. - Ken Miller

  10. Fred Allen sent me this robe for my birthday....and I just thought that he had lousy taste in JOKES! - Gerry Orlando

  11. I call this pose, THE LAZY HITCHHIKER! - Chuck Carson

  12. * Thumbs up to my designer !!!! * - domonique dangerfield

  13. I slept in the Green Room. The wanted $29.95 at the Red Roof Inn. - Chris Ed Rock

  14. Liberace gave me thumbs up on this one. - mr. nelson

  15. Hey Mary, let's pretend we're Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night! - Betty O'Brien

  16. So I was ringing the doorbell for hours, ya see, Mary was mad because I mistook the slipcovers for pajamas. THEY FIT PERFECT! - Chris Ed Rock

  17. It's not an optical illusion I really am 39! - bagby

  18. First of all, I mean fifth of all, that is not the CBS eye on these pajamas, and even if it were, it doesn't mean I'm trying to get a better contract for next season! - Bob Hodgson

  19. So, I held up my thumb like this, and a car stopped and gave me a ride to the studio. - Chuck Carson

  20. Parking is only 25 cents six blocks down Hollywood Blvd. - Bob Muir

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