Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of September 26, 2005:

And the winner is...

Gee, I had no idea Liberace had a dog. - L.M.V.

And the submissions are...

  1. Jack: So you're Don Wilson's dog? don't get ANY table scraps, do you? - Brad from Georgia

  2. So, we're shaking on it - it's a deal - a case of Strongheart's for that choker....don't look at your trainer, we shook on it! - shimp scrampi

  3. Ok, ok, you can shake, but can you sing Clancy Lowered The Boom? - Luke

  4. It's a deal. Two bones and you'll show me where you buried my violin. - Dean Christopher

  5. Well, where did you get that beautiful collar, I think, I'm going to steal khmm.. take it, and give it to mary for her birthday as a diamond necklace. Thankfully, you aren't my pooch, dog biscuits cost a lot these days. - RTL

  6. A diamond collar for merely chasing a fake rabbit around a track? Mmm...Maybe I should start thinking about working out more often. - Lauren Marie

  7. A diamond collar and a manicure? Rin Tin Tin certainly likes to spoil you. - Debra Lyn

  8. Jack: Say, fella, would you be interested in guarding my vault? You will be paid in Doggie Dwezzels, and for Christmas, you'll get the opportunity to perform Jingle Bells, on my Christmas Show. By the way, can you play the clarinet? - r.p.

  9. Fred MacMurray made a bundle off those Greyhound Bus commercials and he only sprung for cubic zirconium? - C. Topper

  10. Nice to meet someone else who thinks I deserve an Oscar. - Louis Carmichael

  11. What a pretty necklace you have there--I wonder if it would fit Mary. - James Pike

  12. when you say i beg your pardon, then i'll come back to you. - robbie

  13. Gee, Nipper the RCA mascot seems so much thinner in real life. - dj

  14. Jack: It's a pleasure to finally meet you. Mary has said so much about you Babe. - Michael C. Fortner

  15. Zsa Zsa, it is you! Shirley MacLaine was right about reincarnation. - Frank Vescera

  16. I don't care how sorry you are, I hired you to help guard my vault, not try on the jewelry. - Tysano

  17. Gee, I had no idea Liberace had a dog. - L.M.V.

  18. I promise, I only need the collar for one night. I'm taking Mary to the Academy Awards and I just know it will make every woman there green with envy. - Tyson

  19. Well whadaya know? A doggy slot machine! - Brian Baker

  20. Dog to Jack Benny: Here's a dollar for you to go and play your violin somewhere I can't hear you, my good man. - Tariq Khan

  21. Believe me, I'm only thinking about your safety. By placing your collar in my vault, you won't be a target for all the muggers, cutthroats, and thieves we have in Beverly Hills. - Lauren Marie

  22. I hope there are no hard feelings, but Mel Blanc just sounded more realistic! - bboswell

  23. Sorry I called you Gladys back there, but the resemblance is amazing. - bboswell

  24. So it's a deal. You win the race tomorrow with my 50 cents riding on you, and you'll get all the Strongheart Dog Food you can eat for a year! - bboswell

  25. I declare you must be Phil Harris' replacement for Bagby! - Chris Vaughn

  26. Hmmmm... Let's see.... you have a remarkable pitch... Dennis is almost that high. - Chris Vaughn

  27. now look, I thought we has an agreement.... you're not supposed to bury Franky in the yard anymore! Stupid dog! - kntdrw

  28. The sad eyes will get you nowhere. If you can't make the rent payment on your dog house, I'll have to take the collar. - Dean Christopher

  29. Mary, I warned you about drinking out of Phil's glass. - T. D. Tyson

  30. Sarcastic Benny: No Rochester, I'm not shaking hands with a dog in this photo...he is my siamese twin! - Maxwell Fenderbender

  31. Hmmm...that collar looks expensive...I wonder...nahhh...someone will notice? - Keith Lilek

  32. arent you the logo dog for RCA records! - steve turck

  33. OK, I'll ask the sponsor, but I don't think they're going to make liver flavored Jell-O anytime soon. - Phil Curry

  34. Take two Milk Bones and call me in the morning! - Frev

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