Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of September 20, 2004:

And the winner is...

Let's see...either I pay you for the stupid carrying case or you'll beat me silly.......I'M THINKING IT OVER! - Chuck Carson

And the submissions are...

  1. 'Ladies and Gentlemen, my new band leader.' - Dennis Johnson

  2. Man: Excuse me, sir. Do you know someone named Jack Benny? My boss wants me to quiet him. Benny's violin playing gives big Charlie a terrible headache. - r.p.

  3. Jack: No, this isn't The Untouchables soundstage. That's next door. We're during The Jack Benny Show. Man: Really. So, he's still alive. My great-great-grandmother used to listen to him on the radio. - r.p.

  4. You say your a new lawyer and this is your first case? Wellll! - Chuck Carson

  5. You made this case to carry toilet plungers>>Wellllll! - Chuck Carson

  6. Welllll. You say you captured Charlie McCarthy and have him in the case? - Chuck Carson

  7. Five dollars for a one-man band? H'm. Could you make it $2.50? - Connie Pen

  8. Jack: I'm sorry, Sir. The Budget Benny Airways has gone out of business. However, you may want to try The Hope Cruise Line, as an alternative. 
    Man: No, thanks. Maybe I'll look into The Allen Railways. - r.p.

  9. Let's see...either I pay you for the stupid carrying case or you'll beat me silly.......I'M THINKING IT OVER! - Chuck Carson

  10. I KNOW the trombone case smells like gin, it belonged to one of Phil Harris' band members. - Phil Curry

  11. If you like THAT trombone, I have 75 more just like it. - Phil Curry

  12. I know us musicians should stick together, but the classics cant be spoiled! Just a simple violin, I cant count how many times it brought tears to my audiences eyes! - Troy Picklyk, BC Canada

  13. I didn't mean any insult, really, I simply asked our trombone player to tone it down so as not to drown out the delicate sound of my violin... - Dennis Dye

  14. But I thought it was okay to pay my Musician's Union dues in postage stamps! - Dennis Dye

  15. Man: Your horn may blow at midnight, but you suck on the violin all the time. 
    Jack: Well! - Fred Allen

  16. Well I'm sure it's quite a flashlight as you say, but you see, I just sent Ed another five gallons of kerosene for his lantern! - Scott Pitzer

  17. This is the Hit Man I hired to get Allen! He carries his tommy gun in a trombone case? - Bob

  18. Okay. You play that trombone and I'll play the violin. We should empty the auditorium in one minute. - Daniel Grant

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