Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of September 12, 2005:

And the winner is...

Jerry, distracting me while you remove my money belt will get you nowhere! The silent alarm in my pants just went off. - Debra Lyn

And the submissions are...

  1. Jerry: Dean! Dean! Did you see that?! Jack Benny put teeth in his mouth!!! They were ... that little case ... in his mouth ...
    Dean: I know, Jerry. Old men have to do things like that. Now, help Bob get his teeth in the rest of the way, will you? - Sarah K.

  2. Hope can raise his legs as high as he wants, everyone knows I have prettier kness. - Frank Vescera

  3. Bob: Rat Pack, step aside. Here comes The Fabulous Foursome, ready to entertain at the drop of a hat.
    Jack: Well, in Dean's case, at the pouring of a a martini. - r.p.

  4. Jerry, you're embarrassing me. Do you really think my legs look like Betty Grable's? - Dean

  5. Jerry, hush! With all his money, Bob can adopt us for all I care! - Lauen

  6. Jerry, distracting me while you remove my money belt will get you nowhere! The silent alarm in my pants just went off. - Debra Lyn

  7. Jack to Jerry: 'You go for my wallet and I'll slug you!' - Brian Baker

  8. Hey Dean, there's enough wax in Benny's ear to make a candle! - Chuck Carson

  9. Mount Rushmore, eat your heart out. - Brad from Georgia

  10. Jerry, that wasn't me. Hope had the refried beans for lunch. - L.M.V.

  11. Jerry, you don't have to act so surprised just because Bob and I decided to earn some extra money by working the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland on weekends. - Tysano R.

  12. You know Kenny often acted silly. Dennis too would drive me nuts. But why does this still have to happen to me? I paid my dues. What's with all these crazy kids anyway! - Eric Brolund

  13. Dean-o....Hope-o....Weird-o and Spends-$ did they really leave their 'Marx' on the world!!! - Ole Man Fuller

  14. It was all smiles and fun performing on board the SS 'Safari Jack' until Jerry got seasick... - Mr. X

  15. Go ahead Dean, sing it! Put your head on my shoulder. - Chuck Carson

  16. He's your partner, Jerry. YOU tell Dean he's over dressed for the Scout-O-Rama. - Dean Christopher

  17. I don't care if everyone else left, Bob and I sold the most Girl Scout Cookies so we're staying for the awards ceremony. - D. Lyn

  18. Hope to Benny: So Jack...looks like you've got a great turn out for the premier of The Horn Blows at Midnight...I mean four people...that's great...Fred Allen predicted you'd have only and the Warner Brothers... - Bob Temple

  19. Dean: That was a brilliant idea you had Bob....having the docs grapht Jerry's head on your shoulder like that..
    Jack: Yeah...and just think...from now on all of your shows will be double-headers!
    Bob: Yeah...I was going to have them put my head on Bing's shoulder...but there was no room on account of the chip... - Maxwell Fenderbender

  20. Jerry, I'm sorry if you're mad that Bob chose me over you to co-star in the remake of Call Me B'Wana. - D. Lyn

  21. Jack...don't look now...but your seatbelt has come undone... - Natty

  22. I enjoyed the round of golf today with Dean and Bob-but that Jerry is starting to drive me crazier than Dennis ever did! - Troy Picklyk, Canada

  23. I won the crap game, now us boys got front row seats to the HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT-now if only they would stop asking me why the theaters so empty. - Troy Picklyk,Canada

  24. My I look good in short pants- I wish Bob though wouldn't be so cavalier in front of the publicity photographers...TALK ABOUT KNOBBY! - Troy Picklyk,Canada

  25. The two greatest stars of the sixties, and Martin and Lewis - RTL

  26. Jerry Lewis reacts after Dean told him Jack paid for the movie. - David Feyler

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