Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of September 8, 2003:

And the winner is...

Okay Gable, exhale and I'll bet your belly pops out! - Chuck Carson

And the submissions are:

  1. Okay Gable, exhale and I'll bet your belly pops out! - Chuck Carson

  2. Hey! It was my turn to win an oscar. - Howard Rosenberg

  3. Now Clark, I do NOT stand just like Joan Crawford did in Dancing Lady! - Gerry Orlando

  4. No Clark, I believe my pose is much more feminine than yours, except for the cigar, of course! - Chuck Carson

  5. Gee, Clark, I never realized that we look just like twin brothers until now. - Robert A. Greene

  6. Frankly, Benny, I don't give a dam! - Bob Hodgson

  7. Now see here, Gable! What does Vivien Leigh have that I don't have? - brian_cali

  8. Benny, I can still whup you, even with both hands tied behind my back! - Bob Hodgson

  9. Frankly, Rhet, I don't give a darn. (CBS please note.) - Ken Miller

  10. They wanted me for rhett butler but I felt the horn blows at midnight was a bigger star vehicle - Anonymous

  11. Have you heard about my upcoming birthday? I've decided to turn 39. - Tony Miller

  12. Say, that's a pretty smart suit Clark. It would be funny if we rent from the same place. - Nate Gordon

  13. Say Clark.....I wonder if I could borrow your leading Lady for my new picture?....Its called ..The Horn Blows at Midnight......Well then, how about your Oscar? - Tony Miller : )

  14. I prefer a dark suit... Rochester doesn't have to clean it as often. - Chris Vaughn

  15. Jack, I told you the last time you were over for a dinner party at Tara, that smoking is prohibited indoors, please step outside. - Phil

  16. Well!! If you insist on playing Rhett Butler, Clark! You know that I'm perfect for the role! - Bob Baker

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