Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of August 29, 2005:

{LL:  George Jessel far left, Dean Martin center...and is Jack wearing the same coat as last week?)

And the winner is...

Dean, that's Jerry jumping out of the cake! I wondered what he'd been doing since you two broke up. - Frank Vescera

And the submissions are...

  1. Jack thinking, Hmmm...if I can just get this napkin up my sleeve without anyone seeing, I can work on the salt and pepper shakers. - Dennis Millard

  2. Oh no here comes Jessel with the bill- just smile and act calmly, I'll think I will try to make eye contact with that pretty waitress across the room. - TROY PICKLYK,CANADA

  3. I've never met anyone who could out drink Phill Harris, I'm sure glad Georgy is picking up the bill! - Troy Picklyk, CANADA

  4. Jack, stop ignoring me. There's this small matter about your bill. - L.M.V.

  5. Oh, oh. I think Jessel just spotted me eating out of his plate. - Dean Christopher

  6. Imagine, a million dollar check donation. I can barely take my pulse. - D. Lyn

  7. Dean and I are so happy, it looks like Jessel is going to pick up the check, or is he bringing over to me? - Bill Ludwig

  8. Dean's laughing harder than anyone and he doesn't even know where he's at. - Ty

  9. Gee, seeing Sally Rand again brings back memories of my youth. Only now, she looks like she's molting. - Dean Christopher

  10. Dean: You're lucky Jack. Most of Georgie's subjects aren't around, when he pays tribute to them. 
    Georgie: Guys, this is just a rough draft. 
    Jack: Rough being the main word. - r.p.

  11. Gosh, the rumors about Milton Berle don't do him justice. - Cosmos T.

  12. Dean to Jessel: yeah right....sure he's going to pay the check....good one George! - Maxwell Fenderbender

  13. I better forget about it. Jessel is watching his cigar like a hawk. - Dean Christopher

  14. I have to pinch myself to believe it. Jessel just called my number for the five dollar door prize. - D. Lyn

  15. Dean's laughing, Jack's smiling, and Jessel just got the bill! - Chuck Carson

  16. Jack: I knew Dean would never see me swipe that half smoked cigar.... - Michael C. Fortner

  17. Dean, that's Jerry jumping out of the cake! I wondered what he'd been doing since you two broke up. - Frank Vescera

  18. Gee, that nickel I got from Jerry will make a swell tip! - Frev

  19. Martin's closer. Let HIM give Jessel the Heimlich Maneuver. - Comos T.

  20. Before he goes any further, shouldn't someone tell Jessel this is a stag party and not a Bar Mitzvah. - J. Wilson

  21. Jack to Dean: Dean, try to talk Frank into it, he should agree, he's my friend to you know! It is a hard sell but I think it will be better in the long term. Rat Pack has such a harsh ring to it, JACK PACK, now that is music to the ears! - Luke

  22. Wait 'till I tell that Lewis kid Dean thinks he is a ninny. - Michael C. Fortner

  23. JACK!!! You're on my foot. - Chris Benny

  24. Waiter(George Jessel) says, Should I give the dinner check to Mr. Martin? - JB Fan

  25. Dean Martin says, A round of drinks for the house on me. 
    Jack Benny thinking, Thank Goodness. I was really, really thirsty! - Hilary

  26. DEAN: Aw, these Roasts sure are a lot of fun! Somebody ought to do this kind of stuff on TV! - Gerry O.

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