Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of August 15, 2005:

And the winner is...

1948, Denver Mint, and JB engraved on Jefferson's nose. Now, can I have the nickel you found that you're holding behind your back? - L.M.V.

And the submissions are...

  1. Jerry, I don't care if that IS the way you're used to working...I am NOT going to hold a glass of scotch in my hand and sing That's Amore! - Gerry O.

  2. Kabelskie and Lewis! I'm telling you Jerry, It works! - Chuck Carson

  3. Listen, kid, I haven't played Charley's Aunt in years, so you can quit with that Hey Lady bit! - shimp scrampi

  4. It's easy, you put your hands on your hips, like this, and sash-shay across the stage. It will make folks howl! - Chuck Carson

  5. OK...dump Martin and we'll make it Lewis, Fields, and Glide - ~Old Man Fuller

  6. Beg all you want, I'm still not singing THAT'S AMORE! - Frank Vescera

  7. I DO NOT have a magnet sewn inside the elbow of my jacket. - Frank Vescera

  8. I've got this great idea for a telethon. says Jerry. Oh, oh - oh! Jack sperts out, After our cut, what percent goes to the charity? - Luke

  9. Jack: But, it's the best job you've been offered in months. Why won't you accept? 
    Jerry: I'm sorry, Jack. I don't mean to be ungrateful, but being the night watchman for your vault isn't the right job for me. - r.p.

  10. The telethon?...No pay?...........I'm thinking it over! - D.L.V.

  11. France pays you in Euros? Gee, I don't have any of those. - D.L.V.

  12. You mean I can keep the coat if I play my violin while you wear buck teeth and dance on the sides of your shoes? - D.L.V

  13. No kidding. In France, both the men and women walk like me? - D.L,V.

  14. Well,-does Dean know your wearing his dog tags young brown eyes - Bill Ludwig

  15. Jack: I must be younger than I thought. It's obvious that we're twins who were separated at birth. - Connie Pen

  16. Lost your shirt? Jerry, how many times have I warned you about shooting dice with Rodchester? - Ty

  17. Believe, we fell behind with everyone's laundry. I promise you'll have your shirts tomorrow. - Ty

  18. Listen, Jerry , these rumours that I'm teaming up with Dean are ridiculous. I go fifty-fifty with no one. - Ty

  19. 'Lookit, kid, I don't even know the WORDS to 'That's Amore.' - Brad from Georgia

  20. I still say THE HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT is a much better film than CINDERFELLA. - Dean Christopher

  21. Jack: If you expect me to sing That's Amora, while on stage with you, then you've got another thing coming.
    Jerry: Now Jack, you could be the next great crooner. At least consider it. - r.p.

  22. 1948, Denver Mint, and JB engraved on Jefferson's nose. Now, can I have the nickel you found that you're holding behind your back? - L.M.V.

  23. Have you tried Shakespeare? - Jack - Sarah K.

  24. Jack to Jerry: You may be tops in France...but I slayed them in Hoboken! - Maxwell Fenderbender

  25. No, kid! I don't sing That's Amore! I sing, When you say 'I Beg Your Pardon', Then I'll Come Back To You! - Bobb

  26. Oh, Poo to you! - Chuck Carson

  27. Jack: I could use a boy like you. I think you're very funny, and you'd be a great assett to my program. Tell me, how much does Dean pay you?
    Jerry: $800 a week.
    Jack: Oh. - Josef

  28. LEWIS: I'm sorry Jack....but if you can't find the pawn ticket I gave you for these two chains...I'm keeping em!
    JACK: Well!!!! - Gertrude Gearshift

  29. Forget it kid! I already have ONE stooge on the show. I don't need DOUBLE TROUBLE! - Betty O'Brien

  30. Gee Dean, I think you had one drink too many! What blood-shot blue eyes you have!!! - Frev

  31. Listen kid... this is my sound stage and there's only room for one funny man here. Scram!!! - Lynn Wagar

  32. I heard you lost your shirt in the Stock Market ,Jerry, but the Dow Jones dropping 100 points on the same day I turned over my mattress was merely a coincidence. - D.L.V.

  33. I dare you to say that in front of Dean! - Chuck Carson

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