Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of August 11, 2003 (click on image for larger view):

And the winner is:

I know Mary...but they work CHEAP! - Tom Wagner

And the submissions are...

  1. Gee Mary, getting goosed isn't as much fun as I thought. - Chuck Carson

  2. Mary, it's the darnest thing, I have this dream in black and white like a cartoon, Don is in drag as Aunty Em, Dorothy is Marilyn Monroe, A giant goose is the wicked witch, Phil has all his eggs in one basket and Denniis is steering the darn goose! - Chuck Carson

  3. I know Mary...but they work CHEAP! - Tom Wagner

  4. Mary, I am having these really strange dreams lately. - Philip Harwood

  5. It's a remake, Mary, of Frank Capra's 'Three Men on a Horse' starring Rochester, Don-ella and Dennis, on a Golden Goose. As usual, laying eggs and picking my pocket. - Ken Miller

  6. Mary, I couldn't afford to get Donald Duck on the show, but this guy is trying to steal the shirt off my back. NOW CUT THAT OUT! At least he gives the fellas a free ride home after rehearsals. - Chris

  7. Mary don't fool with Mother Goose - gladys

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