Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of August 1, 2005:

And the winner is...

How dumb can this be? Crosby gets the cowboy hat from Buck Benny Rides Again and I get his from Going My Way. - Frank Vescera

And the submissions are...

  1. Say. Isn't that Benny Kabelski on violin? - Chuck Carson

  2. And now ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together repeatedly for The Grateful Dead! - Luke

  3. Are you SURE Lawerence Welk started this way? - Amy from Canton, Ohio

  4. Jack: Say gang, we've just got our first gig. Tomorrow, we play at the opening of Jaspar's Laundry and Gypsy Tea room. 
    Bing: That's fine, Jack. But remember, you promised me the drum solo in the middle of Mares Eat Oats. - r.p.

  5. Bing may not be the best drummer, but I got a great deal on his contract! - McFortner

  6. (Jack) Next time I'll give Phil the money to bail his boys out of jail. - Sarah K.

  7. All together now: When you say, 'I beg your pardon,' then I'll come back to you ... - Sarah K.

  8. We're better than that lousy band, but Phil won't hire us because we don't know That's What I Like About the South. - Connie Pen

  9. Lay down the boogie and and play that funky music! - Amy from Canton, Ohio

  10. A one and a two and....try to keep up with us, Crosby! - Amy from Canton, Ohio

  11. Who says Bing's not the little drummer boy? - Carroll from Canton,Ohio

  12. Yeah man! Dig the ORIGINAL 'Jackson Five'! - Betty O'Brien

  13. Jack fiddled, Bing banged, and Dennis blew his brains out! - Chuck Carson

  14. How dumb can this be? Crosby gets the cowboy hat from Buck Benny Rides Again and I get his from Going My Way. - Frank Vescera

  15. I don't understand it. Four requests for WHITE CHRISTMAS and not a single one for WHEN YOU SAY I BEG YOUR PARDON THAT'S WHEN I'LL COME HOME TO YOU. - Frank Vescera

  16. Some friends. Forbidding me to leave my violin case opened in front of the bandstand. - Frank Vescera

  17. pass your's bigger - Flapsaddle

  18. NEWSFLASH: Petrillo Hospitalized With Ulcers - Scott Pitzer

  19. If Dick Powell can't control that spit valve, I'll need more than this hat. I'll need a raincoat! - Debra Lyn

  20. Oh,oh. I think Dick Powell just hurt himself! - Debra Lyn

  21. Gee, I hope the fellas don't catch on that we're playing a Bar Mitzvah instead of a benefit. I'll have to split the 3 dollars 5 ways. - Frank Vescera

  22. Who does the drummer think he is any way-Bing Crosby ? - H

  23. Mr brother Bob Crosby has The Bobcats, I have The Bennykatz. - Chuck Carson

  24. Hmm...there's a nickel under that table near the bar. I'll have to remember that. - Debra Wilson

  25. What is this? They're drowning me out during my solo! - Dean Christopher

  26. Benny and the Jets - Brad from Georgia

  27. Trying to help Bing make up for all those horse races lost, Jack joins in the band. - David M. Stover

  28. Would someone please tell Crosby there are no lyrics in LOVE IN BLOOM that go Ba Ba Boo. - Debra Lyn

  29. And they say I have money. If Crosby jumped off his wallet, he'd break his neck. - L.M.V.

  30. The others must really be bad. Everyone's looking at me and shaking their heads. - Frank Vescera

  31. See Jack even though the boys got lost in Burning Stump ,me ,you the boy Don and Mary-can sure belt one out! Thats what I like about the South! - Troy Picklyk, BC Canada

  32. I may be saving money on the band; but if Phil calls my Stradivarius a crazy mixed up fiddle one more time, I'll hit him over the head with it! - Troy Picklyk, BC Canada

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