Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of July 18, 2005:

(LL:  For anyone who's wondering, Jack's suit was the result of a high-resolution scan resize.
Here's another view of the same photo with lower res.)

And the winner is...

As a matter of fact, I would like to add a tip - serve larger portions! - Frank Vescera

And the submissions are...

  1. Stare deeply into my are getting sleepy...sleepy... better yet stare at my jacket instead... - dj

  2. OK Jack, you wore the suit, you won the bet. Can I make the check out in pencil? - Chuck Carson

  3. Young man: Mr. Benny, you are one of my all-time favorite entertainers. I've seen everyone of your pictures, and I never miss your show. May I have your autograph? 
    Jack: Why, certainly, kid. 
    Young man: Thank you. {Talking to the young lady.} Now, I'll be able to trade your his autograph for one of Clark Gable that Mrs. Stevens has. She is eighty-eighty years old, and thinks Jack Benny is The Living End. - r.p.

  4. The drinks are free Mr. Benny, just give me your order! - Chuck Carson

  5. I promise Mr. Benny, I'll give you back your pencil as soon as I sign this pretty lady's autograph book. - Chuck Carson

  6. Excuse me Mr. Burns, could you autograph this for my little lady and I? - Luke

  7. OK little lady, you think of a number and try to send it to Jack, Jack you then send it to me, and I write it down on this piece of paper. Its a great ESP experiment. - Chuck Carson

  8. Come on Jack, spell cheapskate! - Chuck Carson

  9. What? I don't smell anything! - Ray Ross

  10. Hypnotism or no hyptonism, I'm not buying another suit! - Frank Vescera

  11. Your new hair-piece comes with this guarantee. - Chuck Carson

  12. Mr Benny, may I have your autograph?
    You sure just one will do? - Tim Howard

  13. George Burns said I'd pick up the tab? What planet have you been on? - Frank Vescera

  14. If this young lady expects a dollar tip for checking my hat, she can just keep the hat. - Frank Vescera

  15. I don't care what the census taker wrote 10 years ago, my current age is 39! - Frank Vescera

  16. Gee, kids thanks it is a nice suit, isn't it? was tax deductible!!! - Amy from Canton, Ohio

  17. Look at my suit. You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy. - Craig Markley

  18. Hold perfectly still while I draw your picture. - Chuck Carson


  20. Now let me tell you kids something JELLO has these six delicious flavours. Are you sure your writing this down? They got the cherry, the lemon, the orange... - Troy Picklyk, BC CANADA

  21. As a matter of fact, I would like to add a tip - serve larger portions! - Frank Vescera

  22. Wait until Phil Harris gets a load of this suit! - Barbara Thunell

  23. Now remember to fill in ALL blank spaces in that loan application! - Bobb

  24. Now, I do need a deposit on the pencil... - Jeff Rooks

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