Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of July 14, 2003:

And the winner is:

No, Miss, it's the key to my VAULT. The key to my HEART is MUCH smaller! - David

And the submissions are:

  1. George Washington really gets keyed up over a good looking girl! - Bob Hodgson

  2. IT'S MY KEY AND I'M TAKING IT WITH ME! - Chuck Carson

  3. Hmmmm...It's a good thing I didn't bring PHIL HARRIS with me! - Gerry Orlando

  4. I'M sorry Miss, but this key doesn't fit in my ignition! - Chuck Carson

  5. Let me turn you on. - sherwood

  6. Thank you! I'd really rather throw this across the Potomac, than a whole DOLLAR! - Brad Zinn

  7. No, Miss, it's the key to my VAULT. The key to my HEART is MUCH smaller! - David

  8. ....and this is just my room key! - Tom Wagner

  9. This is a great honor miss, but is it the key to Anaheim, Azusa, or Cucamonga? - David Copeland

  10. And I borrowed this from the kid who climbed up the Beanstalk, it's the key to the giant's castle. - Chuck Carson

  11. Here's the key to my vault........don't show it to anybody! - Tanya Shaw

  12. If this is a real key to the city, don't you think it ought to open at least one bank vault around here? - Eric Brolund

  13. that's some key..ster sister - philsie

  14. Mr Benny, is this the key to your heart or your vault? - William Hardie

  15. This a wind up? Me or the Maxwell? - Ken Miller

  16. Well!! The Key to the City. Would that be Anaheim, Azusa or Cue..... that realy is a very pretty dress and those shoes, really cute... amonga? - Ken Miller

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