Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of June 21, 2004:

And the winner is...

Jack, there has to be an easier way to make extra cash! - Tom Wagner

And the submissions are...

  1. Remember Mr. Benny, serve from the left, take the plates from the right. And, you have to split the tips with me. - Phil Curry

  2. Jack, when you said I'd be at a party with all the drinks I could handle, you didn't say as a bartender! - Chuck Carson

  3. Jack I realy do like your song.But from WHENCE we started? I always thought you MR Berlin you would appreciate poetic symetry! To each his own kid! HMMMMMMMM! Now I wonder where I put Mervin Leroys #-Kenny Baker might jump on the chance! Whatever did happen to that boy? HMMMMMMMM! - TROY PICKLYK:CANADA

  4. Remember, Jack, you serve from the left and pick up from the right. - Dennis Johnson

  5. Alright Jack, I'll let you use Yankee Doodle in your radio show theme song, but you must promise me that you'll never play it on your violin. - Gord Simbrow

  6. OK Jack, if I'll consider you a fellow song writer, will you please stop humming When I Say I'm Sorry, Then I'll Come Back To You. - Gord Simbrow

  7. That's it Benny, I'll never tour with you again. It's bad enough that you booked us for this bar-mitzvah, but having us be bartenders between sets is the last straw. - Gord Simbrow

  8. The problem is this-- the swallows at Serrano, couldn't POSSIBLY return to Capistrano... poetic license is one thing, but that's just ridiculous! - Scott Pitzer

  9. Sorry, Jack, but it's Blue SKIES, not Blue EYES, so you're NOT getting a royalty! - David

  10. Posing as band members to get free drinks is pretty low Benny, even for you! - Chuck Carson

  11. Irving, there's no scotch in this scotch and water! - Bob Hodgson

  12. Jack, you really need to stop taking the tips from the piano players jar.... - Michael C. Fortner

  13. Ya Jack, mine tastes funny too! - Chuck Carson

  14. Just my luck. Drinking with a ham songwriter. They all think they can do it. - Ken Miller

  15. Phil Harris was right Jack! Dress like your in the band and get all the free drinks you can handle! - Chuck Carson

  16. Say, Jack, have you heard my newest song? I call it, "When You Say I Beg Your Pardon, Then I'll Come Back To You". - Sarah K.

  17. Jack, it was your idea to moonlight as bartenders for extra money! But Canadian Club is not a place where you play golf! - Bob

  18. What's wrong, Jack? Did you finally run into somebody who's a worse tipper than you? - Robert

  19. Listen Jack, you can get that thought out of your head right now. Even if we could corner the market on the distillery business, we still couldn't make enough to keep Phil Harris happy. - William Hardie

  20. Irving: Jack, because you paid for the drinks, and did not leave a tip.... I think they have diluted the water....! - Raymond Langewen (Rijswijk, Holland)

  21. Are you sure Jack? Are you sure that Abbott and Costello started this way? Benny and Berlin doesn't sound like a comedy team. - Bob Hodgson

  22. I told you Jack! Once we started wearing these outfits everybody will want one. There's a guy behind you in the same outfit! - Chuck Carson

  23. Jack, we're VOLUNTEERING here at the Hollywood Canteen....Those soldiers aren't SUPPOSED to leave you tips! - Gerry Orlando

  24. Jack, there has to be an easier way to make extra cash! - Tom Wagner

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