Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of June 16, 2003:

And the winner is...

This isn't what I meant by a doggie bag! - Tom Wagner

And the submissions are:

  1. Oh, hi, Fred. - Ken Miller

  2. This is what happens when you order, Sheep Dog Surprise off the low priced menu! - Chuck Carson

  3. If he could see through all that fur, he wouldn't eat it either! - Betty O'Brien

  4. Anything wrong with the potato? - John Sauciunas

  5. Thanks for leaving me the potato. - donsie

  6. I thought we were having meatloaf tonight not dog. - manchester

  7. Rochester, are you sure this is cooked? - Bob Hodgson

  8. This isn't what I meant by a doggie bag! - Tom Wagner

  9. The country club lets anyone eat here now.... - Barbara Bassett

  10. Honestly officer, there are NO drugs in my potato! - Chuck Carson

  11. I ordered shepherds pie not a sheepdog on my thigh. - DM

  12. Darn it, the dishwasher got loose again! - Alan Stone

  13. All right, Dennis, I'll give you the raise so you can get a haircut AND your own baked potato! - Randall Floyd

  14. Oh Rochester, did we invite Gladys Zybisco to dinner? - William Hardie

  15. Hey, you furry Wilson wannabe. I said, Ruff! (not roughage...) It's a greeting, you see. - Melanie

  16. Well, what's for desert? - Jim Dickinson

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