Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of June 7, 2004:

And the winner is...

Alice, if Jackson would give me a raise, we'd be able to afford a car! - Tom Wagner

And the submission are...

  1. O.K. Alice...Race ya ta Jackson's house, whoever gets there first has to ask him for a raise. But Phil what if I get there first? The girls have to ask him. - Rob Crawford

  2. Alice, if Jackson would give me a raise, we'd be able to afford a car! - Tom Wagner

  3. I don't know, Alice. Peter Fonda told us to meet him here at noon ... - Molly

  4. No kids, that wasn't a speed bump we just went over, that was Remley passed out in the middle of the street. - Phil Curry

  5. Alice: Kids, your Dad's scooter doesn't have a light like these bikes do because HE'S always lit!! - Phil Curry

  6. First one to Jackson's house get's a drink - Z Eastman esq( Old Tim Radio Expert)

  7. Phill me and the girls like your new scooter.But couldnt we take one of my cars,besides wear are we going to stack the groceries! - Troy Picklyk,BC CANADA

  8. I wish Jackson would loosen the purse strings--we could sure use a car. I don't know what we'd do if Alice wasn't working. - Connie Pen

  9. Who's the prettiest of them all? - Sarah K.

  10. Of course you can keep up, baby! This bike don't even have pedals! - Darrel Lantz

  11. You know Alice, if Jackson paid a bit better, maybe we could get that Nash you want. - William Hardie

  12. Benny said that he was providing transportation, well here it is!!!! - Buckey Grimm

  13. Jackson couldn't do this if he was strapped down with his hair glued to his head. - Josef

  14. Don't drink and drive, Girls. Leave that to Daddy. - Lowell Cunningham

  15. I told you Alice, Jackson doesn't pay me enough to buy a car! - Chuck Carson

  16. Phil, do you think that it was fair to challenge Jack to a race? We've been waiting here FIVE HOURS for his Maxwell to catch up with us! - Gerry Orlando

  17. Okay Alice, we will race to Benny's house, loser buys the booze! - Chuck Carson

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