Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of April 26, 2004:

And the winner is...

Getting kicked out of here is SO embarrassing! I told Rochester ACME PLAZA! ACME PLAZA! And he STILL messed up!! - Betty O'Brien

And the submissions are...

  1. Let's see... Toothbrush, razor, change of clothes. I'm sure Ronnie and Benita won't miss these at all! - Lowell Cunningham

  2. How many sandwiches should I pack. Let's see, 14 days, three meals a day.... - Phil Curry

  3. This new bag is from the Amelia Earhart company. I sure hope it doesn't get lost. - Phil Curry

  4. Who says the towels aren't complimentary? - C Reiser

  5. I'm leaving Mary, never to darken your towels again. - gary z.

  6. OK Mary, I'll move into the guest room. But let me tell you something sister! If it wasn't for me you'd still be at the May Company! - gary z.

  7. The towels are terrycloth, but I think I'll leave the Gideon. -

  8. Story: Jack Benny - My life as a valet - laprielle

  9. The hotel probably has more towels than they'll ever use... but just to be safe, when I leave I'll try to walk real short so they'll think I'm Mickey Rooney! - Scott Pitzer

  10. Well, even if TV is a fad, at least I've made the cover of ONE magazine! - Frev


  12. What? I know that quarter is in here someplace! - Kristy

  13. I always have to hide my wine from Phil! - Bob Hodgson

  14. This is a fine time to lux undies in privacy - Zach Eastman

  15. Getting kicked out of here is SO embarrassing! I told Rochester ACME PLAZA! ACME PLAZA! And he STILL messed up!! - Betty O'Brien

  16. what! no underwear again........ - darlene bryant

  17. I'm leaving, these photo caption contests are rigged. I mean I could understand it if real money was at stake. - bucky goldberg

  18. Look, Rochester, more free towels! - Jim Norcross

  19. When I was in Vaudeville, I could pack and leave town in five minutes! I just want to see if I can still do it! - Bob

  20. These Hotel towels will match the others I already have in my bathroom at home. - Chris & Hilary

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