Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of April 12, 2004:

And the winner is...

Don: But Jack, Phil didn't say Look at Jackson on that horse he said Look at the jackass on that horse! - Phil Curry

And the submissions are...

  1. Well... the tout at the race track said she was a longshot, but this is ridiculous! - Lowell Cunningham

  2. Don will love this Christmas gift. - Howard Rosenberg (Toronto)

  3. this is a smoother ride than my maxwell!! - scott bell

  4. Come on, My Fancy! - Frev

  5. Not only do I save alot of money on gas, but now I can sneak around toll-booths, too! - Jim Norcross

  6. Don: But Jack, Phil didn't say Look at Jackson on that horse he said Look at the jackass on that horse! - Phil Curry

  7. Jack-Hey Mary come quick,I think I'll buy this! - Mr.X

  8. Toy horses don't eat oats! - David A. Adler

  9. Mary always said, I shouldn't be horsing around between shows. - Cy Gilson

  10. The Maxwell is in the shop again and this is the loaner that they gave me! - Bob Baker

  11. Cheapest Ride at the Dude Ranch! - Shelly Lester (Mr. Kitzel's niece)

  12. Oh, I thought this is what you meant when you said, Pony up Benny! - Chuck Carson


  14. 39 and still rockin' out! - Chuck Carson

  15. Psst! Jack! You forgot to wear socks! - Chuck Carson

  16. Crosby's got enough race horses, this one is mine. - gary z.

  17. Mary, stop looking at me like that....Joanie SAID that she wanted a PONY for her birthday! - Gerry Orlando

  18. Seabiscut, eat your heart out! - Darrel Lantz

  19. Of course it's silly to ride a rocking horse. But I didn't have my glasses on, and nobody TOLD me. - Connie Pen

  20. Rochester, when I said that my Maxwell needed more horsepower I didn't mean this kind of horse power. - Chris & Hilary

  21. Well, he's alot easier to stay on than Carmichael. - Phil Curry

  22. Rochester, I TOLD you to fill up the Maxwell. - Jay Edwards

  23. Darn that Maxwell, why does it break down at the worst times? I've just got time to make it to the broadcast-- you kids'll have to wait for the Sunset bus! - Scott Pitzer

  24. Gosh...I wonder if Roy Rogers felt this way when he rode Trigger? - Betty O'Brien

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