Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of March 21, 2005:

And the winner is...

Hmmm, you take Bing on the road to Rio, Morocco, and Bali. Me you take to Sing Sing! - DJ

And the submissions are...

  1. Jack: And you said Bing didn't care if we did a Road To movie. Bob: The Road to Sing Sing, oh boy. - Howard Rosenberg (Toronto)

  2. Phil Harris said these suits are the latest fashion trend and besides, they're CHEAP! - CHUCK CARSON

  3. Jack: I TOLD you your opening joke was bad!
    Bob: Yes, but you didn't tell me it was criminal! - Brad Strickland

  4. Bob: If you break into a song-and-dance routine of Friendship, I'll never darken the doors of CBS again. - r.p.

  5. Hmmm, you take Bing on the road to Rio, Morocco, and Bali. Me you take to Sing Sing! - DJ

  6. 'Why?' Bob? I TOLD YOU, Daisy and Violet Hilton cancelled on me at the last minute! - shimp scrampi

  7. Bob, quit asking me if I have the money to post bail! - Chris Vaughn

  8. Listen, here's the plan... we'll start playing pattycakes like in your Road pictures, and then I'll throw Grape Nuts in the guard's face... and you squirt Pepsodent on the floor so he can't chase after us without falling down! - Scott Pitzer

  9. Benny: Don't tell Bob I'm bent. It's his birthday! - Amber Armer Hamilton

  10. Are you sure this is the way Abbot and Costello started? - Chuck Carson

  11. If your father's a tailor, Jack, then I'm a money's uncle. Who's bright idea was it to buy matching tuxedos, anyway? - Sarah K.

  12. The first two actors cast for Dumb and Dummer! - Chuck Carson

  13. But Jack, we don't look Siamese! - Chuck Carson

  14. bob ya jack were do we start to dig? - roy fultz

  15. ok Jack, it's a deal, you get the Les Brown Orchestra for a week and I get The Phil Harris Band for a week. - Bob Hodgson

  16. Do you think stealing the nickel from the kid was worth it? - Fre Fagal

  17. I guess the nickel we stole wasn't enough for the lawyer... - Fred Fagal

  18. Where's Crosby when I need him? - Betty O'Brien

  19. Enron? No, Worldcom! - Brad Zinn

  20. Your timing is lousy! You got us thrown in here AFTER Martha Stewart is already GONE! - Brad Zinn

  21. JACK: Gee Bob, when I agreed to be a guest on your last TV special, I had NO idea that it would be THAT bad! - Gerry Orlando

  22. Just follow my lead Bob and we'll get out of this. I trust you Jack, as long as they don't ask for your money, or my life. - Monty B

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