Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of March 15, 2004:

And the winner is:

You weren't kidding Roch, his checks are getting smaller. - Jeff Jones

And the submissions are:

  1. You weren't kidding Roch, his checks are getting smaller. - Jeff Jones

  2. Wow Rochester, a whole nickel! I wish my raise was as big as that! - Frev

  3. Hey, hey, hey Rochester, See all the stars after her name! She's special! Too bad Alice says I have to give up some of my favorite hobbies! - Darrel Lantz

  4. his drivers licence does say eyes as blue as the waters of lake louise - donsie

  5. Mr. Harris, that's what I call MONEY!!!! - Josef

  6. Mr. Harris, that's what I call a PAYCHECK!! - Josef

  7. Look at the chack Jack wrote to me. Even the fine print has fine print! - Rick Selvin

  8. Rochester: I just ran into Lena Horne and she gave me her phone number.
    Phil Harris: I don't think PEnnsylvania 6-5000 is REALLY her phone number, Rochester. - Phil Curry

  9. Phil: It says Jack Benny, Violin Virtuoso.
    Rochester: Ahhhhhh, COME NOW!! - Phil Curry

  10. I don't know how to tell you this, Mr. Harris. But when the Boss bought your train ticket, he got a half-fare one for a twelve-year-old child! - Mr. X

  11. Get Out of Jail Free. Now THAT'S what I like about the South, Phil! - Chris Ed Rock

  12. Admit Bearer and One Guest to Geek Club. We're In, Eddie. - Chris Ed Rock

  13. I'm giving you guys the summer off. These are your replacements. (Signed) Jack Benny, star of stage, screen, radio and Bar Mitzvah Circuit. - Chris Ed Rock

  14. Gee, Phil, when the boss said he was giving us a small bonus check, he meant a small bonus check. Gotta magnifying glass on ya? - Chris Ed Rock

  15. It says Congratulations on your purchase of the Acme Exploding Cigar. Inspected by Number 13. - Chris Ed Rock

  16. It's a map to Mr. Benny's vault. But first we have to get by his accountants. - Chris Ed Rock

  17. Why, they're just a pair of blackmailers, Phil. It's a picture of Mr. Benny spending a quarter. And they have the negatives! - Chris Ed Rock

  18. Gee, Eddie, you weren't kiddin'. You license DOES restrict you to adequate glasses and a 1924 Maxwell. - Chris Ed Rock

  19. We're rich! It's the secret formula to Jell-O Salad, and these ginks are from General Foods! - Chris Ed Rock

  20. A pawn ticket for Mr. Benny's violin. Burn it, Eddie! - Chris Ed Rock

  21. Look Roch! Jackson's up next and he's going to play Intermezzo on that screechin' violin! I'm OUTA HERE!! - Betty O'Brien

  22. These paychecks are getting smaller and SMALLER every year. - Chris and Hilary

  23. Yep, I think we gotta good chance-- Blue Eyes to Show, Fiddler to Place, and Tightwad to Win! - Scott Pitzer

  24. Gee Mr Harris, we actually got proof now the boss is more than 39. How much do you think the Mr. Allen will pay for it? - William Hardie

  25. The Boss isn't going to like this Mr Harris, Fibber McGee & Molly is beating him in the ratings. - William Hardie

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