Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of March 1, 2004:

And the winner is...

Don, remember, employee that fight with employer, 'e finds out that 'er don't feed 'em! - Josef

  1. Hurry with the picture Don. I have to get this back to the Coleman's. - Jeff Jones

  2. No Jack, I WON'T pull it like a wishbone to see who gets to keep it!! - Phil Curry

  3. Make a wish! - Lowell Cunningham

  4. Make a wish, Don. And remember, the winner gets to use the number '39' as either an age or a waist size! - Frev

  5. Don, give me this cup, or your stomach will growl at the unemployment office! - Josef Silvia

  6. Here Don, Here is The Dreer Pooson Award For Broadcasting. - Jeff Jones

  7. Don, remember, employee that fight with employer, 'e finds out that 'er don't feed 'em! - Josef

  8. C'mon, Jack, how many do YOU think will suggest Make a wish? - Chris Ed Rock

  9. This is the last time I go halvies on a beer with you! - Chris Ed Rock

  10. Wipe that grin off your face, loving cup is just an expression. - Chris Ed Rock

  11. It's a special bucket for you to carry a tune in, Jack. - Chris Ed Rock

  12. The winner of Most Shapeless Jacket is--IT'S A TIE!! - Chris Ed Rock

  13. Ha..ha..ha...Let go Jack! This is a Best Announcer's award and you don't look like Harlow Wilcox to me! - Betty O'Brien

  14. Thank you Jack, it's a great honor to be named cast member of the year. I'll really treasure this cup!
    It stays in the studio, Don-- I can get it re-engraved next year! - Scott Pitzer

  15. No Jack, I don't think you can fool Ronald Coleman into believing that this is his Oscar! Don, don't you see? We just weld it shut and tell him this is the the Academy's new protective container with his Oscar inside! Ronnie won't catch on, after all he's not much brighter than Dennis! - Darrel Lantz

  16. Gee, you Beverly Hills urologists are sure ritzy. - Chris Ed Rock

  17. No, Don! You can't use it as a Jell-o mold! - Bob

  18. Don, I'm not giving you this trophy until you introduce me as Yasha Benny. - wensleydale

  19. Thanks Jack... the pawnshop only offered $3.00 to hold it for me! - Randy Linton

  20. Really Jack! it's not gold plated!! - Bob Sebring

  21. No,I'm sorry Mr. Benny! it doesn't contain any money,It's Phil Harris's beer mug... - Bob Sebring

  22. Quit laughing! I REALLY want to know, what's a Grecian earn? - Chris Rd Rock

  23. C'mon, Jack, admit it. Allen got the last laugh on you by willing you his ashes in a dribble urn. - Chris Ed Rock

  24. Now cut that out, Don. It's MY loving cup! - Philip G. Harwood

  25. No, Don. You can't fill my loving cup with Jello! - Philip G. Harwood

  26. OK Jack, at the count of three we hit the piano keys! - Chuck Carson

  27. That's the fanciest smudgepot I've EVER seen. - Phil Curry

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