Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of February 9, 2004:

And the winner is...

Now, Sonny, give Mr. Benny back his nickel. - Susan Gabbard

And the submissions are...

  1. I tell you officer that's not my kid!  If you knew my wife Mary, believe me you'd understand. - gary Z.

  2. Mr. Policeman, you're making about as much sense as that guy Phil Harris when he sings That's What I Like About The South. - Phil Curry

  3. Don't let Petrillo see you playing air harmonica, he'll make you join the union. - Phil Curry

  4. Officer! When I described the missing Dennis Day as a young kid...Well! This is ridiculous! - comedianbrad

  5. Well! If Fred Allen thinks I'm gonna believe that THIS is the kid who played The Bee! he's grape-nuts! - comedianbrad

  6. Jack:  Now officer, take your time and be honest. Who has the bluest eyes? Me, or this woman's baby? - Mr. Kietzel

  7. Yes, officer, I sometimes call Dennis Kid, but this isn't him! - Bob

  8. Officer, put that kid down, and arrest that man over there for breaking radios when he comes on the air; Fred Allen. - Josef

  9. rochester, this guys line is shorter than santa's, don't park, it'll save us the parking meter nickel. - kevin shafer florence ky


  11. Hmmm...I COULD hand that child a nickel to make him stop crying...but the LAST time I did that the kid wanted me to let go of it! - Gerry Orlando

  12. Now, Sonny, give Mr. Benny back his nickel. - Susan Gabbard

  13. 'Sniffle'. Officer, THAT Man won't give back my teddy bear till I see 'The Horn Blows at Midnight'! Waaaah! - Frev

  14. Sorry, officer, but I'm not looking for a ventriloquist right now. - Gord Simbrow, Toronto

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