Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of February 7, 2005:

And the winner is...

And I finish my act by tossing the hat in the air and catch it on this stick! - Chuck Carson

And the submissions are...

  1. I can hold my hair-piece the same way. - Chuck Carson

  2. Jack: Well, that will be all. I'll just take my hat and cane--wait, this is Phil Harris's cane. And it's a pint low. - Brad Strickland

  3. It will cost you this walking stick, this hat, plus $5 for you to get my autograph! - Michael Fortner

  4. You know, I think this baton-twirling act is pretty poor compensation for you stealing that buttonier off my desk! - shimp scrampi

  5. Jack: I've been told, by many great artists, that I have the fine chiseled features of a Greek God. 
    Lady: I didn't plan to mention it, but exactly where did the chisel hit you? - r.p.

  6. It's a real bargain at $1.98. You can use it as a drain pan when you change the oil in your car. - Ray Druian

  7. Please hold my hat while I fix this cane. - Chuck Carson

  8. O.K. Now you wear the hat and I'll twirl this stick! - Chuck Carson

  9. Talk to the hat! - Chuck Carson

  10. See this hat? I'm so good with money, I bought it for a penny at the Five & Dime. I had the salesman so distraught, that he gave me the hat eventually, but he still had to charge me tax. - Paul Midlick

  11. Okay, if you didn't like my violin playing, I can still entertain at your party...
    I'm a little teapot
    short and stout,
    here is my handle
    here is my spout... - Brian Boswell

  12. Listen, sister! I plucked Mary from behind the women's stocking counter at the May Company; and I can see to it that you are back in the haberdashery department faster than you can say LSMFT! - Dennis Johnson

  13. If I hear one more anecdote about his wondrous career in pictures Ill pull my hair out! Why I said I would cover for Mary at the stocking counter Ill never know! Where is Mary anyway? - Troy Picklyk, BC Canada

  14. And I finish my act by tossing the hat in the air and catch it on this stick! - Chuck Carson

  15. Madam, I'm at your boutique to give you a personal reference in regards to that young lady who used to work at the hosiery counter at the May Company! - Bob

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