Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of January 26, 2004:

And the winner is...

Now think carefully. Exactly what did you say after he said 'Your money or your life?' - comedianbrad

And the submissions are:

  1. Just the facts, Jack! - ComedianBrad

  2. Now think carefully. Exactly what did you say after he said 'Your money or your life?' - comedianbrad

  3. If he thinks he can out stare me, Well!!! - Howard Rosenberg

  4. Weeellllll! - Josef

  5. Okay, Sergeant, okay already... take me downtown! But I'm telling you, ANYONE could have put that slug in the gumball machine! - Scott Pitzer

  6. All right mister, stop doing your Eddie Carroll impression! - Chuck Carson

  7. Listen Benny, I've been an L.A. cop for a long time now...I can spot a phony story a mile away...Now I'm going to ask you just one last time, and THIS time I want the TRUTH...HOW OLD ARE YOU? - Gerry Orlando

  8. the facts and only the facts, 39 my foot! - donsie

  9. all right Mr.benny, where's the gasman. - allan francher

  10. Just the facts, please, Mr. Benny. Can you tell me what happened to Ronald Colman's Oscar? - Eric Brolund

  11. Webb: Just the facts please, sir.
    Benny: The FACT is, I REALLY am 39! - Adam

  12. Very funny Don, 'We're opening with a pair of Jacks!' and for that you gave up the trio? - Mark Neyrinck

  13. Don't hand me that '39' stuff, Mr. Benny. Just give me the facts! - Frev

  14. just give me the facts jack! is that tux rented or not? - gary zichittella

  15. I reserve the right to remain 39! - Lowell Cunningham

  16. And that's just the facts, Jack. - Chris Ed Rock

  17. You told me this was a FORMAL arraignment! - Chris Ed Rock

  18. My name was changed to protect ME! - Chris Ed Rock

  19. My Mom is just fine. Thanks for asking. - Chris Ed Rock

  20. If you're Joe Friday, can I be Joe on the weekends? - Chris Ed Rock

  21. I knew it was bad, but I didn't think my toupee was CRIMINAL. - Chris Ed Rock

  22. The name's Joe Friday. I carry a badge. My partner is Jack Benny. He carries his money in his shoe. - Lowell Cunningham

  23. Me? Steal a dime? Well....why whould I do that? After all I march for them every year... - Matt Votisek

  24. What a tangled Webb I weave when I first practice my violin! - William A. Bailey

  25. I'm sorry, Jack, badge #39 is taken. - Chris Ed Rock

  26. the boys in the band, just bet on us, yeah, a pair of jacks. - kevin shafer florence ky

  27. Just the facts, sir. Thirty-nine and I'm sticking to it. - Russell Myers

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