Photo Caption Contest

Photo for the week of January 2, 2006:

And the winner is...

Whaddya think, George? Ready to trade in our 50-year-old wives for two 25-year-olds? - Brian Baker

And the submissions are...

  1. Whaddya think, George? Ready to trade in our 50-year-old wives for two 25-year-olds? - Brian Baker

  2. Remember, George, whose ever name is written under the book of matches picks up the tab. - Dean

  3. Stop laughing, Mary, and hand Gracie the bill. - Ty Sano

  4. George I don't care how far you can reach under the table, I'm not taking the bill. - D. Bralyn

  5. You and Gracie enjoy the champaign, George. Mary and I prefer getting gidding by smelling the flowers. - T. Opper

  6. George: Jack, they're taking your photo with your beautiful wife. It would be very bad manners for you to laugh. - Brad from Georgia

  7. That was funny. Did you get it from Milton Berle? - Stan Graiewski

  8. That was great. Tell me again how you got the waiter to pay the bill. - Stan Graiewski

  9. Gracie, turn the crank on the jack-in-the-box again, we're not tired of picking Jack off the floor yet. - shimp scrampi

  10. George, did you see the waiter's face when we told him we'd split an order and that the girls had brought box lunches? - Natale

  11. What are you laughing at, Jack? When Gracie mentioned we were dining with you, I forgot my wallet at home too! - F.N.V.

  12. It works every time, George. When the waiter brings the bill, ignite the books of matches and the smoke will hide our getaway through the kitchen. - L.M.V.

  13. Isn't this fun, kids? Not only is my meal free, I've had my last twelve 39th birthday partys here. - Cori C.

  14. Jack: Let me pick up the check. 
    George, Gracie and Mary: hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahhah! - Scott Wayman

  15. Did you see the waiter's face when I ordered and asked for four glasses of water and four toothpicks? - T. Opper

  16. Jack, it's amazing how you know every restaurant in town that offers a free dinner when there's a birthday. - L. Fifi

  17. George: Say, Jack, why are you smiling? 
    Jack: Well, this lunch has just been added to Bob Hope's charge account, as a business deduction. 
    George: How do you figure? 
    Jack: Well, it's as a joke brainstorming session. - r.p.

  18. Guess what, Jack-- I told the waiter I'll pay the check if it's less than your real age! - L.J.S.

  19. George: 'As you can see, Jack, only Gracie and I have cocktails! The waiter DID remember the tip you left him the last time you were here!' - Bobb

  20. So the farmer said to the traveling salesman, 'Well, you can stay here tonight, but you'll have to share a bed with....Oops! I forgot who we were with! - RMB

  21. You're quick, Jack. None of us even saw you scoop up all the Sweet & Low into your coat pocket. - D. Bralyn

  22. I'm surprised we're here Jack! The way you walk, I didn't think the stork would ever visit you and Mary. - JR in WI

  23. You know, Jack, if Tuesday Weld had married Hal March II, she would be Tuesday, March the Second. - Ty Sano

  24. Ya Jack that was a hot one!  But seriously now, I know the second cup of coffee is free and all- but don't you think it's about time we took the girls home? - Troy-Canada

  25. Would you stop worrying about the check. We didn't order any food. Just water in fancy glasses. - David M. Stover

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