Waukegan Tree Plaque Fundraiser - We did it!


Original announcement:  http://jackbenny.org/biography/other/jack_benny_tree.htm

Photo gallery:  http://www.jackbenny.org/Waukegan/2005/a_day_in_waukegan.htm

Many of you will recall that in 2005, a small group of IJBFC members went to Waukegan to unveil a gravestone for Jack's sister, Florence, and also plant a new Jack Benny Tree by the Jack Benny Center for the Arts.  In contrast to its 1930s predecessor (an elm that succumbed to disease about a year after planting), the new Jack Benny Tree has flourished and shown beautiful sugar maple colors every fall.  Here it is in 2010:

It has long been our intent to place a marker at the tree to indicate its provenance and distinction.  We have received a quote from the city for the marker in the amount of $1,250 for a bronze plaque and boulder that aligns with other historic markers in the city.  Here is the design for the plaque:


We made our goal in record time!  Thanks so much to everyone for your generous support, and I'll be getting the DVDs in the mail to you early next week.