Free Jack Benny radio log software for Pocket PCs

Member Al Baggetta is providing a valuable resource for all members with Pocket PCs:

"I have also been recently programming for the new handheld devices known as Pocket PCs, available through many companies and supported by Microsoft software. I just finished a program which I call The Jack Benny Show Radio Logs. Users of the Pocket PCs can carry the logs around with them, scroll through the contents of the
file, or (very handy) search the logs by keywords or dates. I'm offering this to all Jack Benny fans who have the Pocket PC for FREE. They can download it directly from my website at  Click on
the Jack Benny icon at the top of the page to go to the download page.  Users will have to have a Windows PC with their device attached using ActiveSyn (pretty standard) to install the program on their handheld device.  Please visit the site and check out this handy program."

Thanks very much, Al!