Larry Stevens

From Norma Stevens, widow of Larry Stevens.  Larry was Dennis Day's replacement from 11-5-44 to 3-10-46 while the latter was in the Navy.

"Larry passed away in April 2000 but before his death, he made several appearances on the East Coast for OTR. Two years before his death, he made a singing comeback at The Cinegrill in the The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  Larry followed this performance by making a CD of many of his favorite songs, some of which he had sung on The Jack Benny Show. His death occurred before his CD could be distributed. If anyone is interested, it is a beautiful album and can be obtained by e-mailing me at

"His voice was as beautiful, if not more beautiful at the age of 77 as it was when he sang on the show in 1944-46."

The CD includes these great standards: