Construction on 1002 North Roxbury

Construction is underway on the house that Jack built...1002 North Roxbury in Beverly Hills.  The house was designed and construction overseen by architect Carlton Burgess.  According to the Marcia Borie biography, the steel beams of the foundation were covered in character and actor names from the Buck Benny series, which was a regular fixture of the show at the time.  There are plenty of stories about the house itself.  One that is often told is Joan being afraid of the eyes of a tile octopus at the bottom of the swimming pool, prompting Jack and Mary to have the pool drained and the eyes removed.

While much of the inside is being redone, many features (such as the tiles and paneling in the library) are being retained.  The facade will have minor changes, as the bay windows are being enlarged.  As you can see in the pictures, the roof has also been removed.

I have no ETA on the completion of the work, but will bring you updates as information becomes available.

Thanks to Tom Williams for these photographs of the work in progress.