Put some Benny in your holidays!

Get ready for the holidays by stocking up on Jack Benny items for yourself or gifts!  We have been blessed with a substantial quantity of the Shout Factory extra disc, Jack doing "The Horn Blows at Midnight" on Omnibus.  We are not able to sell them, so to honor every donation of $10 to the IJBFC, we are offering a copy as a thank-you gift.  Give $30, get 3 copies.  And so on!

Additionally, you can help clear the inventory of Jack Benny Times back issues.  For a limited-time, each issue listed below will be available for $3.50 apiece, or any three issues for $10.   Supplies are limited, so first come, first served!

PayPal members (www.paypal.com) may submit payment via credit card to account: president@jackbenny.org.  Make checks payable to IJBFC, and send to:

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There are several regular elements of the newsletter, which will be abbreviated as follows:

Date Articles
May-August 2006 The Jack Benny Stamp Campaign (39 Man March), What's Up in Waukegan, The Longest Laugh, part 1 of an interview with Dix Davis (Belly Laugh Barton), PM, NM, TTP, DYK, YDK
May-August 2008 Kay Linaker obit, IJBFC London gathering, Gas Light case, Amusement Enterprises case, PM, NM, EC, YDK, TTP, JBC
Jan-April 2013 PM, NM, YDK, Out of the Archives (various stories of material from archives, such as Jack's costume, letter to get Bill Morrow out of the draft, etc.), Charlie Chan and the Case of the Litigious Widow (re Earl Derr Biggers' widow suit of the JB television show)
May-August 2013 PM, NM, DYK, YDK, Jack and the Movies (articles about Jack and movie projects), Benny Toasts Cantor (10/22/37 speech at a tribute to Eddie Cantor), The Muppet Income Tax Show (transcript of story concept from Jim Henson about a TV special with the Muppets and Jack)
Sept-Dec 2013 PM, NM, JBPC, TTP, DYK, YDK, JBC, Drumming Up Fun with Sammy Weiss
Jan-April 2014 PM, NM, TTP, DYK, YDK, JBC, Memories from Dorothy Ohman (exclusive)
May-August 2014 PM, NM, TTP, Jack Benny Comics, Jack at Carnegie Hall, DYK, YDK, "Keeping a Straight Face" by Cissy Wechter, "Jack, Hickey, and Me" by David Wechter, "Frank Nelson said 'YE-E-E-S-S-S' to Me!" by David Wechter
Sept-Dec 2014 PM, NM, JBPC, ALS "Ohhhhh...BATHING SUIT" Challenge, DYK, YDK, William Paley Takes the Stand
Jan-April 2015 PM, NM, "Jack Spans the Generations" by John Hammes, TTP, DYK, YDK, A Calendar of Desserts (Jell-O promo), Jack Benny:  Speeches for All Occasions (transcripts of various Benny speeches)
May-August 2015 PM, NM, When is a Maxwell Not a Maxwell?, YDK, completion of Jay Rosen interview (appeared in 4/8/62 TV episode, exclusive), completion of Dorothy Ohman interview (exclusive)
Sept-Dec 2015 PM, NM, JBPC, The Man at Work:  Inside Jack Benny's Vaudeville Joke File
Jan-April 2016 PM, NM, TTP, DYK, YDK, Gracie:  a Love Story (Jack's eulogy for Gracie), Jack at the Palladium 1952 (partial script of stage appearance)
May-August 2016 PM, NM, TTP, DYK, YDK, "I Fired Jack Benny" by W.L. Farmer (article by man who employed Jack in Waukegan), vintage articles on St. Joe and smuggling case
Sept-Dec 2016 PM, NM, JBPC, TTP, vintage articles from Camp Adair Sentry on Jack's performance there, A Few Minutes with Michael Rudolph (about accompanying Jack to the Apollo 11 launch, exclusive)