Jack Benny and the gang at Camp Haan

Here's a wonderful clip of Jack and the gang performing one of their shows at Camp Haan.  Enjoy!

42-04-12 - Jack Benny at Camp Haan [1].mpg (10.9MB)

42-04-12 - Jack Benny at Camp Haan [2].mpg (6.5MB)

Joining the two video files (thanks to Kermyt for this info!)

Since the clip is in two mpeg files, here is a neat trick: Use winzip to zip them into one file, but make sure that
"no compression" is checked. Rename the zip file to have the .mpg extension. Media player and possibly some others will play it as one continuous file without having to actually "join" the two together in the conventional sense or having to make a playlist file to play them in order. Same goes with files which have been split using mastersplitter, as long as they're added to the zip file in the correct sequence. Sometimes unrelated mpg files can be artificially "joined" in this manner if they use the same codecs and picture size is the same.

This should work with know problem for any MPEG-1 video (as used in VCD) because the MPEG-1 format is very strict...All MPEG-1 videos are the exact same resolution, frame-rate etc. There is no issue with codec 
compatibility as MPEG-1 is the codec....you can either MPEG-1 or you can't...no chance of only being able to play some of them. For videos in MPEG-2 (used in S-VCD or DVD), you can have multiple codecs plus encoding information is stored at the front (the header) of each file. As a result you will very, very probly encounter
corruption in the final file if it will play at all. This also applies to MPEG-4.